Just as there are trends in interior home design, the exterior of homes also undergo changes as tastes evolve. One of the most substantial updates you can make is replacing the siding. There are a lot more choices on the market today than existed in the past. Perhaps one of these trends is just right for updating the look of your home.

Trends in Siding Installation

Siding Installation in Kansas City

The most popular siding material on modern homes is made from vinyl. Other innovative choices, like fiber cement, are enjoying increasing popularity. Nonetheless, some homeowners still opt for traditional wood. In fact, many other siding materials are engineered to look like wood.

One of the advantages of all this choice is the wide array of colors that are available. Vinyl siding is available in at least 350 bold, unique colors. Moreover, it’s considered energy efficient, durable and requires very little maintenance. Fiber cement siding is also notable for its outstanding durability. It resists termites, and can be purchased painted or unpainted. Changing the color a few years down the road is easy too. Natural wood siding can also be purchased in a wide variety of pre-finished options. Alternatively, you can paint the siding yourself, which opens up a world of color possibilities.

A Variety of Siding Options

Other home exterior trends involve using a variety of colors, styles and materials. In other words, you might use a combination of wood and vinyl. Maybe you’ll use cedar shakes on gables or a stone veneer cladding to provide eye-catching details. Don’t be afraid to experiment by pairing various elements and materials.

New siding can also be a good choice for the environmentally conscious consumer. Newer materials promise greater energy efficiency. These more advanced materials also last longer than the materials used several decades ago. Often the existing siding can be recycled or repurposed.

If you want to enhance your home’s curb appeal, new siding may be the way to go. Consider any of these trends while you’re reviewing the possibilities.

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Get Answers for the Toughest Roofing Questions

The roof is one of the most important components of your house. It keeps the elements outside, and it protects your family from any number of hazards. Without question, good roofing enhances the value and functionality of your house.

Nonetheless, many homeowners hesitate to call themselves roofing experts. How do you know when it’s time to replace your roof? If you’re going to get a new roof, which type is the best for your home? Let’s take a look at some of the most important roofing questions.

Get the Answers You Need About Roofing

New Roof in Kansas City

Roofs consisting of asphalt shingle roofing may be long lasting, but if yours has been in place for at least 20 years, it’s probably time to get it replaced. Twenty years is not a hard and fast rule. Poor quality roofing or roofs that have been subjected to harsh climate extremes may need to be replaced sooner. Inspect your roof for missing, cracked or curled roofing shingles when you’re deciding whether or not to spring for a new roof.

Lots of homeowners may also be confused about the roofing components on their house. For instance, many people are unfamiliar with the term “flashing.” Although it sounds like that’s a rather mysterious roofing term, the reality is that it simply refers to the galvanized steel or aluminum that is used to prevent water seepage. You might see flashing around your chimney, skylights or some windows. Flashing can be damaged by weather and other environmental conditions. A roofing professional can usually repair this damage easily.

Other homeowners are curious about the black streaks that develop on the roof. These black streaks are usually the result of naturally occurring algae and can be cleaned away by a professional roof cleaner to make your roof look as good as new.

If you have other roofing questions, be certain to refer them to a professional roofer. They can identify any trouble spots on your roof and suggest options for how to fix them.

More Than Just Roofing

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If your home is more than a few years old, your bathroom is likely on the small size. While this can make bathroom remodeling more difficult, it is still possible to have the bathroom of your dreams. Just remember to follow these five small bathroom remodeling tips.

Small Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Small bathroom remodeling tips

1. Measure Before You Buy

While you should always measure before you start any remodeling project, measuring is especially crucial before you purchase anything for your small bathroom remodeling project. You would hate to waste your money on a beautiful fixture that won’t even fit in the space.

2. Stick to Lighter Colors

Dark colors only make small spaces look smaller. Invest in plenty of natural lighting and stick to lighter colors, such as fresh white, wispy blue, soft yellow or pale pink. Dark colors can make fantastic complements for an otherwise light color scheme, but don’t make them the star of the show.

3. Stay Away from Busy Patterns

Too many patterns in a small bathroom remodeling project can quickly overwhelm the space, making the bathroom look smaller than it is actually is. Use patterns, but use them sparingly and in small doses. For example, you may choose to use a patterned shower curtain but to keep the walls plain.

4. Use Mirrors and Glass Wisely

Using mirrors is a great way to visually open up a space during the bathroom remodeling process. Install a mirror across from the window to maximize the amount of light in the room or choose a sliding glass shower door instead of a shower curtain to keep from closing off the space.

5. Get Creative with Storage

Small bathrooms don’t generally leave much room for storage, especially if you choose a small pedestal sink for your bathroom remodeling project. Get creative with your storage options by placing a shelf over the toilet, by hanging items on pegs in the shower or by building drawers or shelves into the space between the wall boards.

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You are finally ready to design the kitchen remodel of your dreams, and you are making design decisions left and right. How can you be sure the decisions you make are good ones? Avoid the common kitchen remodel pitfalls with these five tips.

5 Game Changing Kitchen Remodel Tips

Kitchen remodeling tips

1. Choose Options that Reflect Your Lifestyle

Don’t choose a design just because it looks good in a showroom. Instead, consider your individual needs and preferences, and choose the kitchen remodel design that will be perfect for your unique lifestyle. Whether you have small children, you love to entertain or you barely cook, choose the kitchen that will accommodate you.

2. Keep Your Existing Layout to Save Big

If your current kitchen layout isn’t completely awful, try to keep the oven, dishwasher, and sink where they are to save money. While new cabinets, floors or counters can seem pricey, they are nothing compared to the cost of rewiring or running new pipes.

3. Choose Timelessness over Trends

Design your kitchen with all the latest kitchen remodel trends, and it won’t be long until your kitchen goes back out of style. Keep the trends to the pieces that are easy to replace, such as the paint colors, curtains or seat covers, and keep the largest pieces, such as the cabinets, flooring and appliances, timeless.

4. Purchase Based on Quality, Not Just Price

Even if you are trying to do your kitchen remodel on a budget, the price should never be the sole determining factor in what you buy. You often get what you pay for, so shop around, but don’t go cheap. You’ll just end up replacing the pieces again later when they wear out.

5. Remodel Little by Little

If your tight budget is threatening to prevent you from the kitchen remodel of your dreams, don’t panic just yet. It is perfectly acceptable to remodel a little at a time. Start with the layout, the cabinets and the floors, and upgrade the appliances and fixtures later when you can.

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If you’re ready to remodel your kitchen, you’ve probably realized by now that there are a lot of decisions along the way. Each remodeling choice is important because they all lead up to your beautiful new kitchen. There’s no better way to begin your remodeling plans than with choosing the best colors for your new kitchen. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that can help shape your decisions.

How to Choose Colors for Your New Kitchen

How to Choose Colors for Your New Kitchen

1. Your home – Begin with the colors you have in your home now. Are all your walls beige? Do you have trendy colors on accent walls in different rooms? What about your color choices in furniture and home décor? As you walk around your house and notice what colors you already gravitate towards, this may be a good starting place for color options in your new kitchen. If you’re still unsure, ask a kitchen remodeling expert for advice on how to incorporate the colors in your home into your new kitchen.

2. Current trends – Take time to see what’s popular with new kitchen remodeling projects. You can often find some great ideas in home magazines and online. As you look through the many design choices, be honest about what appeals to you and what doesn’t. Remember, the kitchen is one of the main rooms people use several times a day for cooking, eating and entertaining. Seek advice from kitchen design professionals for the colors that fit your lifestyle.

3. Your favorite colors –If you have a lot of favorite colors, visit your closet to see what your preferred choice of colored clothing pops out. Just like mixing and matching several different outfits, new kitchen colors can be put together to create the perfect style.

When it comes to deciding on the best colors for your new kitchen, don’t rush your final decision. If you take the time to reflect on the colors of your home, current trends and your favorite colors, you’ll be sure to discover just the right colors for your new kitchen.

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Top 4 Signs You Need a New Bathroom

Are you thinking about remodeling your bathroom? If you find yourself dreamily looking through home magazines or lingering in home improvement stores near the new bathroom displays, it may be time to act. Here are some additional signs that it might be time for a brand new bathroom:

Is It Time for a New Bathroom?

Top Signs You Need a New Bathroom

1. The Sink – Take a close look at your sink. Does it seem grimy or have permanent stains? If you’ve attempted to clean the sink without any success, it may be time to consider a bathroom remodel. Especially if you’d like a different appearance for your new bathroom, there are several types of sinks that can transform your bathroom into a designer’s dream!

2. The Toilet – Because all toilets typically have the same look, redoing your bathroom only because of the toilet is a harder choice to make. Perhaps the best reason to replace your toilet is mechanical problems or if it has really tough stains in it. If you’ve decided to completely remodel your bathroom for other reasons, then replacing your toilet at the same time is a good option.

3. The Hardware, Lighting and Decor – One of the best ways to update your bathroom’s appearance is to replace the hardware, lighting fixtures and overall décor. If you feel ashamed when people visit your bathroom, then that’s an important sign that you need a new bathroom remodel. From towel racks, mirrors, cabinets and lighting, you can really freshen up any bathroom for a brand new look.

4. Your Personal Preferences – Sometimes the greatest sign of all is that you’re ready to make a change. Perhaps you’ve seen a friend’s new bathroom remodel and you’re ready to follow suit. Even if you’re ready to add some personal luxuries like a rainfall shower head or a heated towel rack, there’s no better time than the present. In the end, you’ll love showing off your new bathroom to your family and friends!

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Do I Need a Siding Repair?

Siding Repair and Replacement in Overland Park

Just what should a homeowner look for when deciding if their home is in need of siding repair? Here, we will supply you with some of the most common ways to tell if you’re in need of siding repair or siding replacement. Most reputable companies are likely able to make repairs if the siding material is still available or can be matched. Certainly, from a cost perspective, one should weigh out the costs of siding repair vs replacement, but consulting with a professional will make this clear quickly.

siding repair kansas city

How can I check if I need siding repair or replacement?

  • Stand back from the front of your home by at least 20 feet. For most, this is the distance of a standard driveway in a typical subdivision. If you see damage at that distance, siding repair is likely overdo.
  • One thing that can really raise the cost of siding repair is an up close inspection for existing mold, dry rot and mildew. The main problem with these issues is that if you take too long to repair the few planks that are affected, the nature of these issues spread from plank to plank quickly. Without taking care of siding repairs in a timely fashion, the number you will have to replace will only increase.
  • The next siding repair tip involves standing along the side of your home looking flush down the side. Do you notice any areas or planks that are warped, sticking out or wavy? This can be not just an indication that your home is in need of siding repair, but that the surface inconsistencies have been caused as a result of water damage. In most cases this means that the water is running under the siding along the outer surface of your home. This may be the most important of all siding repairs to do as soon as you identify it. Leaving this one problem go in less than a year can create significant and costly damage to your home’s surface.
  • Another immediate siding repair indicator can be discovered by inspecting the seams of your siding. If you see visible cracks or that the siding is pulling away from the house, you have rainfall reaching the under the siding surface. This is another repair that should be made right away.

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Siding Installation in Overland Park

Siding installation can be an instant and dramatic improvement in the way your home looks. But when it comes to siding installation, what choice do you make in regards to your color choices, styles and surround accessories and architectural details. There are four basic material choices that siding is manufactured in. Here, we will look and the pluses and minuses of each and how each material impact the environment.

siding installation overland park

Vinyl Siding Installation

Positives: A vinyl siding installation leaves you with a durable and inexpensive option. Vinyl has the most availability, and some manufacturers even guarantee it for a lifetime.

Potential Drawbacks: In case a repair is needed, you have to re-do the entire section of siding installation. The problem can be that the exact match may no longer be available. Vinyl also doesn’t come in very many different styles, so initial selection is limited. Most siding is able to be painted, but vinyl cannot be painted to change the color. Vinyl is a flammable substance, and when it burns, creates harmful toxins.

Environmental Impact: A very low impact on the environment. Vinyl siding is a readily recycled material making it much greener for the planet.

Insulated Siding Installation

Positives: Installing siding of insulated materials means that it will lay better and flatter against the surface of the house — this creates crisper lines and an overall higher end look. This is also the best siding installation on uneven surfaces or walls that are irregular in shape. As you can imagine the insulation reduces the noise from outside, as well as the amount of heat lost in the winter months.

Potential Drawbacks: Essentially, due to the keener appearance and energy inefficiencies, it is a overall higher cost to install over a vinyl type of siding.

Environmental Impact: The foam insulation adds to the insulated siding’s R-value, creating less use of energy resources.

Fiber Cement Siding Installation

Positives: The cement fibers repel termites, which is key in climates most susceptible to this invasive and damaging insect. It is the best material for resisting moisture and therefore, has less chance of rot and mold. It is easy to paint and is non-combustible, so safer in dry climates as well. Fiber cement siding also has the widest selection of colors and texture choices.

Potential Drawbacks: It requires a higher skill level during the siding installation, which adds to the overall labor costs. Due to its increased weight, it is more difficult for the installation agents.

Environmental Impact: Most manufacturers utilize anywhere from 10 to 20% recycled materials to create the siding.

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bathroom remodeling, overland park, ksBathroom Remodeling Trends: Fresh, Updated and Practical

What designers are choosing to install in 2014 in bathroom remodeling projects is not only fresh and updated, but practical for living and enjoying the space. Combine that with the fact that kitchen and bathroom remodeling is one of the best return on investments for homeowners, let’s get to what is improving the looks of bathroom remodel projects around the country this year.

Bathroom Remodeling Trend: Some Old, Some New

While out with the old and in with the new may apply to changing the room size in bathroom remodeling projects, actually keeping some of the old and combining the new that is retro to what was popular in years past is really providing terrific results. Old subway tiles from the post war era have made a strong comeback and it’s not a surprise. The unique look of the old style tile is really new indeed when combined with vintage or vintage inspired sinks and claw style tubs. To update your remodeling use the old style tile but a modern layout that’s called “running bond.” This is a staggered way of putting the tile up that is both eye catching and energizing. One of the best ideas is using the least expensive colors of black and white to create a very crisp and new look.

Bathroom Remodeling Trend: Bold and Dramatic Tile

You can really jazz up a small space with bold and dramatic tile in your bathroom remodeling design. The shimmer effect has really caught on in the tile industry and it means that the use of even a small number of border tiles becomes worth the added cost to set off a look that is so high end. Tiles with opalescence or mother of pearl or even metallic sheen make a big statement with just a little material.

Bathroom Remodeling Trend: Accent Wall Hangings

Finally, if cost is an issue with your bathroom remodeling project and you can’t afford substantial changes like an entire wall of the new tiles, consider buying enough to make accent wall hangings. This is both simple and easy to do by just making use of small 12 x 12 pieces of peg board which you place the sheet of tiles to and finish by adding molding as a frame. To carry the look throughout the bathroom then use the same corresponding molding to frame in your bathroom mirrors and your entire bathroom remodeling wow factor savings is substantial. It’s a big bathroom remodeling design feature for a small amount of associated costs.

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Bathroom Remodeling Fixtures in Overland Park, KS


When investing in a bathroom remodeling project, one thing to set aside some of the budget for are quality bathroom fixtures. But fixtures go far beyond just faucets and tubs, pretty much anything added inside the bathroom is considered a bathroom fixture.

Trendy Bathroom Remodeling Fixtures: Dual Flush Toilet

For those who want to go green with their bathroom remodeling project, a water saving dual flush American Standard toilet is just the ticket. It may seem a bit costly, at around $540, but considering that the water conserving flush that uses 1.1 gallon vs. the standard at 1.6 gallon, it saves a minimum of 20% water with each use. The money is quickly reclaimed on the water bill.

bathroom remodeling fixtures overland park


Trendy Bathroom Remodeling Fixtures: Handheld Shower Head

Probably the one bathroom remodeling fixture that most project homeowners want to readily invest in is the handheld shower head. Moen has released one with a new twist, the actual shower head itself pivots all the way around its handle. With two speeds on four different and indulgent settings, its low $65 price makes it a good investment for your bathroom remodeling project.

Trendy Bathroom Remodeling Fixtures: Medicine Cabinet TV

Nothing can top this last bathroom remodeling super fixture. While technology progresses it’s harder and harder to find things that are truly new and unique, but Robern has. This fixture manufacturer has just released a medicine cabinet with a mirrored standard surface and a 8” TV in the bottom right corner. For picture in your own reflection if you are willing to invest the $3,450+ in your own man-cave bathroom remodeling this medicine cabinet mirror is just the ticket.


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