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Frequently Asked Questions

Custom made cabinets are trending among homeowners. Uniquely crafted cabinets can add splashes of color, lower your countertops, improve organization and create sleek, minimal lines.

KC homeowners currently have their sights on remodeling their kitchens and home offices.
Large walk-in pantries, covering appliances with wood paneling, custom-made cabinets, creating
a “kitchen-office” island, and eco-friendly designs are popular, stylish options.

As a design build firm, we take care of layouts, renderings, and design, so you don’t need to hire
an outside designer. On occasion, we bring in an architect to help for more complex projects.
Keeping outsourcing to a minimum improves communication and reduces confusion, which can
help your project get done accurately and effectively.

Most of our projects allow clients to stay home during remodeling. In the unlikely case that
you do have to move out, we’ll let you know well in advance.

We do! Total Home handles all the permits necessary for remodeling jobs.

The simple answer is 8 to 12 weeks, on average. Many variables, like the size of the project,
and the availability of the products needed, can stretch estimates out to several months for a
single project.

Like the project itself, it depends. The state of the product market and supply chains can
change the time we need to start.

We use both. Total Home has an in-house team that we use for parts of the project. For
specific trades, we rely on subcontractors, as they are they are experts at their craft. We have a
list of reputable subcontractors we can utilize to get the job done to our quality standards.

Total Home has more than a decade of experience with some of our most trusted

Our initial consultation gives you a starting price based on your wish list and needs. Our
projects have a wide range of scope and varying labor needs, and could cost anywhere between
$40,000 to $400,000.

We take a meticulous approach to home remodels that involve smart technology. Proper
planning and concepting with our experts and remodeling consultants help us find the best
technology and security to fit your lifestyle.

The Total Home Remodeling Difference

Remodeling is meant to be an exciting experience. Whether your home is new or a century old, it should feel like your own. Unfortunately, many remodelers resort to cookie-cutter, pre-packaged solutions.

Get the home you deserve with custom home remodeling in Kansas City.

Our award-winning work has left customers satisfied and excited to show off their home’s transformation. By partnering with us, you’ll work with a hand-picked group of seasoned craftsmen, designers, and installers for quality interior home renovations. Whether your home has needing to be updated or you just moved into a fixer upper, we’ve got you covered.

Call us today and let’s put your ideas together.

Our client satisfaction is our greatest rewards, but here are a few others we’re proud of