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4 Window Sales Tricks to Avoid

4 Window Sales Tricks to Avoid

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When you begin searching for new windows for your home, patience and careful planning is your key to avoiding sales tricks. Windows are the eyes into your home: they enhance your space in so many ways, from letting in natural light, protecting your home from the elements, and providing a unique aesthetic mood. Choosing the most beautiful and desirable windows for your home is going to involve a lot of decisions, so make sure that you’re prepared to face a salesperson. Window installation is a lucrative market. Here are 4 window sales tricks to avoid when beginning your new window selection.

Avoid Deals that Sound too Good to be True

Salespeople tend to be eager to seal a deal. It’s the nature of the trade –  limited time sales or “special” offers can be that push that a customer needs to pull out their wallet. Don’t let yourself be wooed by the promise of great deals: your windows can last for up to twenty years. New window installation, though it’s an exciting way to add value and beauty to your home, is not a decision to be made overnight.

Avoid Not Asking Enough Questions

When you’re in the market for new windows, there are factors to consider that you may not even be aware of. Your window salesperson has a wealth of knowledge about materials, hardware, frames, glass options, and every variety of window there is to offer. Take advantage of this! Make sure that you come prepared to shop for windows, and have a solid understanding of what you’re looking for. This helps your salesperson provide relevant and accurate information to help you choose the right options.

Avoid Thinking About Your Window as an Individual Piece

A window isn’t just some glass panel to stick on the side of your house. It’s a prime security feature, an opportunity to insulate your home, a place for light and fresh air to spill in, and an additional aesthetic piece to express your home’s style. You want to think about your home holistically and how each feature of your new window will help enhance that. For instance, if you live in a rainy climate, vinyl will be better than a wood frame for resisting moisture.

Avoid Thinking Inside of the Box

Your options go so far beyond a standard single-paned window with a simple frame. Consider nontraditional style options, from double-hung windows, bay, awning, bow, palladian, or sliding windows. A decorative grill, trim, or glass tint can add an extra dimension of class and personality. So many nontraditional window styles have the architectural appeal that standard windows lack.

Professional Window Installation

Whether you’re building a home from the ground up or looking to refresh the windows in an existing space, you are beginning an exciting new journey that will add value to your home. Contact Kansas City’s window replacement experts at Total Home today. We can help you choose and install the perfect windows for your home that you will enjoy for years to come.

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