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6 Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

6 Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

Remodel Bathroom

Have you been looking up “remodel bathroom” for inspiration? Home improvement projects can quickly become expensive—whether you want to upgrade an entire room or swap out some fixtures, but they’re a great investment so long as you avoid costly mistakes.

Below are some of the common mistakes to avoid when you find yourself googling “remodel bathroom.”

1) An Unreasonable Budget

Don’t expect to conduct a $30,000 remodel when you’re only budgeting $15,000. This is a recipe for disappointment, or you might find you have to cut corners so the results end up being subpar. Ensure that you have a realistic view of what your project will cost from the start so you aren’t surprised or let down.

2) Poor Lighting Choices

Lighting is a fundamental part of interior design. Your lighting choices might not seem very important compared to the rest of your project, but lighting is especially important in a bathroom. Lighting creates a mood, but it’s also important for grooming. When updating a bathroom, most homeowners do not invest time in choosing the proper lighting. Several factors go into choosing bathroom lighting, which most people tend to overlook. These include the color of your walls, cabinets, and ceilings.

3) Overlooking Small Mistakes

During a remodel, experts recommend fixing any mistakes, even the tiniest ones. Postponing any minor repairs can lead to long-term damage and expensive repair bills down the line, depending on the issue. Even if something seems minor, it’s best to have it fixed now. If you notice it, then other people can see it too.

4) Cutting Corners on Installations

It is always good to have a checklist to tick off when planning a bathroom upgrade. Some of the most practical tools people tend to ignore include a hand shower, towel bars, and hooks. You may not think you need them, but your guests might appreciate them.

5) Buying Cheap Fixtures Online

You may be lucky to find a quality online dealer in bathroom remodeling fixtures and items, but it’s hit or miss. You should avoid purchasing from random online suppliers, just to save a little money. The risk of poor quality products won’t be worth it. When shopping for your bathroom fixtures, do a walk-in at your local store. It helps to see and feel the products in person to avoid being ripped off. Besides, you will get more accurate measurements for any fittings.

6) Not Remembering to Plan for Storage Space

Modern storage is a vital aspect of any plan to update a bathroom. Avoid rushing plans and failing to consider everything you may need to store in your bathroom cabinets. Ensure you take precise measurements of your bathroom space and delegate sufficient storage options for your organizational needs.

Remodel Bathroom

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