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We are a design/build interior remodeler.

What does that mean? Good question- that means we take visions of a new bathroom, kitchen or basement and turn them into realities.

Total Home KC History

Every good story has a beginning- ours starts in the summer of 1998 with a single bread truck, N’ Sync on the radio and a new piercing I’d rather not discuss. I had a passion, and by golly I was going to follow it, thus Total Home was born. My family had been in the gutter and window replacement business for years, so you could say it was part of my destiny, if you want to get emotional about it; but when I flipped my first house that summer- I was hooked. I dove in head first, learned from my mistakes, and became a sponge for all things construction and architecture.

The Pain-Free Total Home KC Process

Connect with our team for a free discovery session to discuss your ideas, goals, and budget.
Receive a tailored design plan that fits your needs and clearly defines your expectations. You select the bid and options that works best for you.
Sign the contract that fits your project, our team of professionals will begin the full transformation process, and you’ enjoy the incredible results.
In 2007 I started researching window companies that boasted not only true quality, but added architectural aesthetic to a home, Marvin was the clear winner in my book. I went through the tedious process of becoming the only Marvin certified installer in Kansas City at the time. Business was growing and the referrals kept coming, so in 2010 Jake Matthew joined Total Home, became a Marvin certified consultant and took over the Marvin side of the business so I could focus on interior remodels. Since then Total Home the company has doubled in size and its growth is based almost solely on past clients, repeat business and referrals which is deeply humbling. In the past year Total Home Remodeling has brought on a full time Project Manager; we’ve also won over a dozen awards, including a Regional REMY, National CotY, and we were named as one of the top 50 Remodelers of 2015 in Remodeling Magazine… To say we are proud would be an understatement.

The ending to this story isn’t “and they lived happily ever after”… It’s our hopes that our clients do.

Pat Strand, Owner
Our initial consultations are free, however, compiling a bid takes hours of work; so we do require a retainer that will be deducted from your total at the end of your project
Yes! Design service is a big part of what we do. In fact it’s part of our bid process. In order to bid your job correctly a designer will need to measure, talk to you about your vision, draw up floor plans, and make preliminary selections.
A consultation is done to discuss the project scope, budget and get an overall feel to see if we would be the right company for your needs. If we both agree a design agreement is signed during the consultation and a design retainer is collected. Shortly after our designer will come out, measure your space, talk to you about the vision you have, and take detailed notes about your likes and dislikes. Floor plans and selections will be made based on your discussions and budget then presented to you at your home. From there revisions can or will be made, a detailed bid will be drawn up and a final design and bid will be presented here at our office.