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Signs it’s Time for a Bathroom Remodel

Signs it’s Time for a Bathroom Remodel

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A bathroom remodel is the perfect opportunity to transform a space into a refreshing, relaxing oasis that is all your own. Whether you’re bored with your bathroom style, trying to rid yourself of the previous owner’s styling decisions, or have changing needs that require a full remodel, you’re in the right place.

Here are a few signs indicating it’s time for your bathroom remodeling journey to begin.

Your Fixtures Feel Stale

Just like clothing, home decor goes out of style. If your bathroom is still rocking a pink porcelain bathtub and floral tile from the previous owner, it might be time to consider some luxurious modern updates. A bathroom remodel gives you a chance to really consider your desired aesthetic and how that can play out in a new space. New floor tiling, wall colors, bathtub and shower options, fresh windows, countertops and storage space can transform an antiquated bathroom into a beautiful sanctuary of your own design.

You’re Selling

Adding a bathroom or remodeling an existing one adds value to your home, and gives potential buyers something enticing and attractive to appreciate. With a fresh bathroom, your home stands out from the rest on the market.

You Want More Space

If your bathroom cabinets are full with items spilling out onto the countertop, or if it just feels cramped, there are several strategic ways to remodel your bathroom for a more efficient use of space. Expanding the bathroom itself is one way. Double vanities, additional shelving, and careful placement of larger appliances can create more storage space and reduce visual clutter. You can even create the illusion of more space with frameless shower doors, a large window or a skylight that allows for natural lighting, or fresh white tiling.

You Crave Something New

Sometimes a good reason for a bathroom remodel is simply that it doesn’t feel inviting. You want to walk into your bathroom and feel a sense of tranquility – not immediately zoom in on the outdated sink, cracked caulking, and drab wall color. There are so many beautiful modern bathrooms to draw inspiration from – learn about your options so you can design something that truly captures your home’s personality.

Your Lighting isn’t What it Could Be

For a bathroom to feel spacious and inviting, natural lighting is key. Natural light makes rooms look bigger and more attractive, and functionally the bathroom needs it – who likes doing makeup in fluorescent light? Bigger windows and skylights allow for plenty of sunlight. Updating lighting fixtures is a subtle way to give the illusion of more light. You can opt for less obtrusive hardware, use white as the primary wall and tile color, or choose larger mirrors. The final touch to make a space bright and livable could be adding humidity-friendly plant decor.

Let’s Talk

If you resonate with any of the signs listed here, it’s your time to embark on a beautiful bathroom remodel that will add style and value to your home. Contact Kansas City’s experts at Total Home today. We can help you remodel your space into the bathroom you’ve been dreaming about. Email us today by clicking here or call (913) 227-4149.

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