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10 Popular Window Types For a Window Replacement

10 Popular Window Types For a Window Replacement

Window Replacement

Replacing old windows with stylish new ones can transform a home into a brand new space. Not only do new windows boost natural lighting and curb appeal—they also increase the value of your home. When planning out your window replacement, consider the styles offered, frame types, and energy efficiency.

Here is our curated list of ten popular window types to choose from for your window replacements.

1) Single-hung Windows

Single-hung windows are simple, functional, and classic. The top sash of the window is fixed, while the bottom half can be lifted up to let in a breeze.

2) Double-hung Windows

As the name suggests, double-hung windows have a design similar to single-hung windows. Instead of one operating sash, a double-hung window has two that can move up and down. This allows for ventilation on the top, bottom, or both.

3) Picture Windows

If your home overlooks a lovely view, consider framing it with a picture window. These windows tend to be stationary and do not open, which means they are an energy efficient option. Picture windows come in large sizes and can be used in combinations to maximize your view.

4) Bay Windows

This type of window has been around for five hundred years – and they still haven’t gone out of style! Made of two angled panels and one large central window, bay windows add additional interior space, natural lighting, and extra seating.

5) Bow Windows

Let the light in with bow windows! Bow windows are similar to bay windows, but they offer more panels for a more evenly rounded structure.

6) Casement Windows

Casement windows open like a door: they are hinged on the side and crank outward to the left or right. These are an excellent option for kitchens, sunrooms, attics, or other rooms that require a healthy amount of airflow.

7) Awning Windows

Awning windows also operate with a crank system, but they are hinged horizontally. This feature is ideal for areas that experience a lot of rain because a panel provides cover even when opened.

8) Jalousie Windows

This unique window type maximizes natural airflow to a room. Jalousie windows are slatted with thin parallel strips of glass or metal which open and close together like blinds.

9) Sliding Windows

Durable and easy to use, sliding windows have been a top choice for window replacement by homeowners that want to stay practical. This window type saves space: when it opens, one panel slides to the side on a track rather than opening outward into the room.

10) Transom Windows

Transom windows are ornamental windows commonly fixed above doors. Aside from letting more light inside, transom windows are a tasteful piece of decor that can complement your home’s architectural style.

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