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Valentine’s Day is about a month away, and thoughtful spouses may already have a head start on planning their gifts. Many people want to capture the second their significant other’s face lights up upon opening their gift, but gift ideas don’t have to be limited to objects you can fit in a box. Looking at larger-scale gifts for home renovation can be a rewarding process, right down to the moment your spouse realizes their dreams are coming true.

Home renovations tend to be large-scale and time-consuming. Your family members and loved ones may have had their eye on a home makeover, but avoided committing to it due to restraints on money or time. Gifting home renovations can be a delight for your special someone, who can finally tackle the project they’ve been dreaming of.

If you’re thinking about giving home remodeling gifts this Valentine’s Day, there are several guidelines you can follow to make your gift as streamlined and thorough as possible.

Gift Cards

Every homeowner has their own unique vision for their future home. If you’re thinking of gifting a home renovation project to your loved ones, you have likely heard some of their ideas. However, you may not be able to account for every detail in your family member’s remodel plan, especially when a whole home renovation is involved. House renovations are long-term investments that people will enjoy for years to come, so it is crucial to avoid changes that will look out of place or do not fit with their vision.

Gift cards keep freedom in the hands of the recipient. Your spouse can spend the card on the consultants, materials, and magazine subscriptions they’ve already had their eye on. Instead, you can  give them the freedom to decide on the perfect elements for their new home improvement project.


Your gift recipient may already have a detailed plan for their future home renovation, including the materials they want for their new layout. If they are set in their design choices but have not yet made the investment, you can demonstrate your thoughtfulness by purchasing the materials for them.

Popular materials for flooring include vinyl, tile, and laminate, while wood is a popular material for cabinets. Going to a showcase or nearby home improvement store may be useful while you’re looking for the ideal material to use as a home improvement gift.

Preparation For Renovation

Before you make calls to contractors and designers, consider whether the home in question needs repairs. A properly prepared, maintained home can ensure a streamlined, smooth renovation process. If your loved ones are considering a renovation project, they may be considering repairs to their existing layout as well.

Since you may want to minimize the manual labor aspect of your gift, you should consider hiring specialists to tackle any existing repair needs.

Plumbing repairs may be needed to spare future floors and windows from water damage. Structural repairs make sure the home remodel will hold up in the long term. If you need to hire plumbers or carpenters to fix up your home, these repairs will help you avoid costlier ones later.

The Right Hires

Home renovations are a meticulous process. If you refer your loved ones to the wrong consultants, architects, or designers, your gift can turn into a hassle for the recipient, instead of a thoughtful investment.

Design consultants can ensure that you use complementary materials as part of your remodel. Architects can tackle complex design plans and ensure everything is structurally sound. Contractors and installers will often provide quotes early in the planning process, which can help you budget your money accordingly.

Treating Yourself

This Valentine’s Day, you can give the gift of home makeovers to yourself as well. Following these guidelines can minimize the potential stress and hassle that comes with poorly planned remodel projects, for yourself and for your loved ones.

Home renovations are thoughtful, unique gifts that keep on giving. You can look forward to working, relaxing, and entertaining in your brand-new kitchen, living room, and other spaces for years.

If you’re ready to give the gift of a beautiful new living space, give us at Total Home a call. We  are a contractor for home renovations, and provide valuable input from the very beginning. Our planning process ensures no space will go overlooked. Give us a call at 913-227-4149 or get a quote on our website to learn about financing a home renovation, and start turning dreams into reality.

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