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Rustic Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Rustic Kitchen Remodel Ideas

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Repurposing antique furniture, distressing new parts, and incorporating vintage details that make reference to simpler times are all current trends. However, if you go too far with the rustic or craftsman style, you risk creating a space that seems like it belongs in the 19th century. We’ll go through the aspects of rustic and artisan kitchen design in this article so you may include them in your kitchen remodel guide.

Rustic Kitchen Remodel Guide

Wood Cabinets

Laminate cabinet doors in the kitchen and maintenance-free cabinet doors have gone a long way. They are more durable and have higher color saturation than wood doors at a lower cost. Wood cabinet doors, on the other hand, are the technique to go for that distressed, natural aspect that is so vital in a rustic design.

Island and Countertops

Any modern rustic kitchen design will benefit from the addition of a kitchen island. It gives more workstations and may also be used as a kitchen bar or table for the entire family. For your modern rustic kitchen island design, go for an industrial style. Avoid using marble or granite as a countertop because it is excessively polished, smooth, or traditional. Instead, choose tops made of rough-hewn stone, laminate, or metallic tops.

Darker, Warm Color Palette

Natural is usually the way to go when it comes to rustic and craftsman aesthetics. This aesthetic is best achieved with wood-like tones similar to those found inside a log cabin. Harvest Gold on Cherry, Dark Wild Apple, and Secret with a dark glaze are just a few examples. Choose darker hardware with distressed components, such as oil-rubbed bronze, to complement. Keep the cabinetry style simple, such as Classic Raised Panel, to avoid overwhelming the area and allowing the natural materials to show.

Kitchen Wall Decor

Combine a rustic feel with a minimalistic, industrial design to give your walls a country feel. You wouldn’t want your walls to appear cluttered. Bold hues and trendy sleekness should be avoided. Instead, opt for natural wood and earthy colors. When used correctly, antique decor elements can look fantastic. To add texture to your wall design, use recycled wood and corrugated metal. Stone and wood elements work well together in a modern rustic kitchen design.

Furniture Detail and Decorations

Decorative components with more interior detailing than a conventional decorative item should be used in rustic style kitchens. What all this means is that you should avoid any accessories with the name “Roman” in the title or that look to have Ancient Greek or Roman influenced features, such as corbels or pillars.

Start Your Kitchen Remodel

Rustic and artisan kitchens are lovely in any home and bring an old-world vibe into the twenty-first century. They also work well in older or country homes, and they make it simple to incorporate some of your favorite antiques or vintage objects. Call the team to receive a tailored design plan that fits your needs and clearly defines your expectations. You select the bid and options that work best for you. You can reach us by clicking this link.

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