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Never Tell Remodeling Contractors These Things

Never Tell Remodeling Contractors These Things

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Are you planning your home remodeling project? Read this before anything else!

Hiring and working with remodeling contractors can be challenging for a number of reasons. Bear in mind, things might not always run smoothly, but a professional will find a way to get the job done right. It’s important to understand that there are some things that are better left unsaid in order to avoid issues. Here are a few of them!

Don’t Tell a Contractor That He’s Your Last Option

It’s best to get multiple estimates and select the best one. Of course, this is about more than a dollar amount. Compare them based on things like previous projects, testimonials, total cost, and other factors. This will save you from a lot of trouble. If you tell them that they’re your only option, they may try to take advantage of you in order to make a larger profit.

Never Disclose Your Budget

If you disclose your budget upfront to a contractor, he may set the bid to the most you can afford to spend and not go lower than that amount. So, it’s best to request an estimate first. Go over the basic requirements for your project. Compare it with the bids of other contractors, considering labor and material costs.

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Never Ask for Offers by Paying Upfront

This is the most common mistake that homeowners make. Never pay for everything upfront. If you do so, there’s no guarantee the work will ever be done. The worst-case scenario is that a fraud contractor might disappear after taking your money. So, pay a deposit upfront and keep the remainder for the completion of the project. And remember, everything should be clearly stated in writing.

Never Tell Your Contractor That There’s No Hurry for the Project

If you don’t want your one-month project to take all year to finish, never tell a remodeling contractor that you aren’t in a hurry. In doing so, they may set your work as the last priority on their list. Instead, be sure to set clear deadlines that work for both of you.

Never Allow a Contractor to Select the Materials

If you tell your contractor to choose and buy the materials himself, you’re giving him an opportunity to pocket money by choosing the poorest quality materials for your remodel. You’ll end up paying the bills without even getting the quality you hoped for. So, take time to understand the different materials and choose depending on your needs and budget. It’s also a good idea to ask for an itemized list of costs.

Never Tell Them to Choose a Design

Be sure to involve yourself in the design process. After all, you’re the one who has to live there once the remodel is finished. Plus, this is part of the fun.

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These are the main things you should never tell your remodeling contractor. While it may sound very basic, keeping these tips in mind can make all the difference. So, plan your project wisely.

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