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7 Ways to Check Proper Window Installation – A Homeowner’s Guide

7 Ways to Check Proper Window Installation – A Homeowner’s Guide

proper window installation

The windows in your home help make it safe, comfortable, and beautiful. But when window installation isn’t handled properly, the results are disappointing. Windows that don’t fit quite right can lead to higher energy bills, drafts, or even leaks. To avoid future issues, it’s important to understand some key ways to verify proper window installation. Here are some tips to do just that!

Check for Gaps

Visible gaps will show between the window sill and frame if your technician didn’t take proper measurements for your window. Because the glass doesn’t fit perfectly within the frame, it’s bound to cause problems. Additionally, if you have young children, this can be dangerous for them.

Open, Then Close

Another problem that incorrect measurements can cause trouble in operating your window. It may result in odd noises because it’s too loose or too tight. If this is the case, sticking can also be an issue, making your windows less functional.

Proper window installation should result in windows that are easy to open and close, without making strange sounds. When this problem happens right after installment, just imagine how much worse it may get in the long run.

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Wind and Rain Leakage

If your window was installed with gaps, then you will also experience other problems. This is because wind and rain can pass through, causing drafts and leaks.

Air that penetrates will make your home feel drafty. You may also notice that heating or cooling units become less effective. Rainwater that leaks inside can cause significant damage to walls, carpets, and personal belongings. This also includes mildew and molds, which are dangerous to your health.

Monitor Energy Bills

Proper window installation should keep the elements outside where they belong. Pay attention to your energy bill. If your heating or cooling costs have suddenly increased since you had your windows replaced, it’s likely due to air leaks.

Foggy Window Panes

Fogging appears between widow panes if they are poorly installed. Moisture flows in when the seal that holds inert argon gas is broken. For new windows, the damage likely happened during the installation process.

Inspect the Caulking

Notice if your window has a clear and even line of caulk outlining it. If it doesn’t, it means the installer did not do a great job. It shouldn’t look sloppy or patchy. Caulking is a crucial part of setting up a window because it helps in maintaining the structure of the frame.

Missing Warranty

Every professional installment should come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Not receiving one indicates that your windows were probably not installed correctly.

Proper Window Installation You Can Count On

Knowing how to check proper window installation is obviously helpful, but avoiding bad service is better. To prevent the trouble of having a poor window replacement experience, hire experts you can trust. Contact Total Home Remodeling at (913) 270-3492 for service you can rely on.

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