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Post-Window Installation: 3 Aftercare Tips You Shouldn’t Miss

Post-Window Installation: 3 Aftercare Tips You Shouldn’t Miss

Post-Window Installation: 3 Aftercare Tips You Shouldn't Miss

Windows are features of houses that are designed to be durable. After all, they are meant to prevent intruders from entering a property while providing adequate ventilation. Window installation is not always perfect, though. That’s why you need to learn some aftercare tips.

The specific procedures in maintaining windows depend on the type of window you have. Obviously, caring for jalousies is not going to be the same as maintaining casement windows. However, there are common tips on doing maintenance work for them after window installation.

Inspect After Window Installation

Post-Window Installation: 3 Aftercare Tips You Shouldn't MissAfter a new installation or home window replacement, the most important thing to do is to inspect everything to make sure that there are no mistakes in the job. Check for loose screws or nail heads that poke out. Make sure that the window opens and closes smoothly. It should not create unnecessary noises, let alone get stuck while you are closing or opening it.

A thorough inspection is necessary so you can complain about the issues you find immediately. Remember that it will be difficult to maintain something that is already broken or damaged, to begin with.

Do Proper Cleaning and Maintenance Right After Window Installation

Post-Window Installation: 3 Aftercare Tips You Shouldn't MissHow do you know if your window is clean enough? A good benchmark to use is the appearance after the window installation service was completed. This means you have to remove anything that wasn’t there when the window was put in place. Remove all the dust, grime, mildew, grunge, and other unwanted dirt that stick to your windows.

Additionally, check for potential damage. You may find cracks, dents, or rust. See to it that you stop all of these from aggravating, so have them fixed as soon as possible. Pay attention to water damage too. Water or moisture is a common problem for many windows. It can make metal windows rusty, and wooden ones rot.

Also, don’t forget about the seals or insulation. These are crucial parts that should always be at their optimal condition. If your insulation or seals are damaged, you will likely suffer from costly power bills as your air conditioner or heater works doubly hard to make up for the leaks in your windows.

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Avoid Possible Causes of Damage You Might Spot After Window Installation

If you have newly installed jalousies (without external protective grills) facing the portion of your backyard where your children usually play, you may need to consider relocating that play area. Accidents are difficult to avoid. It won’t be long before a ball, or some hard object hits those freshly installed glass windows.

Moreover, if you have shrubbery near your windows, make sure that you regularly trim them. They may look harmless, but they can damage your windows over time. They can scratch the glass panels and even break them if a strong gust of wind directs a relatively large branch onto your window.

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You will never go wrong with these simple aftercare tips after window installation. If you want damage-free windows for a long time, remember these three things: inspect, clean, and protect.

Before jumping into these aftercare tips, have you replaced your windows yet? These signs are telling you it’s a must-do now!

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