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6 Signs of A Bad Window Installation Service

6 Signs of A Bad Window Installation Service

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Windows are part of the most expensive features in any property. They also play a major role in terms of protection from burglary and weather elements. Poorly installed windows can fail to provide the kind of insulation needed for the house and make it easier for unauthorized access. If you don’t hire a good window installation service provider, your home will lack efficiency. You may need to replace or upgrade the windows, which will cost more. Knowing the signs of a poor window installation service can help you identify any problems and fix them sooner.

Poor Operation

The easiest way to know if your window installation service provider has failed you is by trying out the window. If it doesn’t open and close smoothly and easily, you will need to take a closer look. In some cases, the windows open smoothly but get stuck when you try to close them. Other times, opening a window is the problem, but it closes easily. Either way, it needs reinstallation as soon as possible.

Presence of Fog

If the weather is foggy, expect your windows to be foggy as well. But, if it’s not foggy outside and your windows are covered in fog, it could be a sign of poor installation of window seals. It means that the gas between the window panes is escaping. Even if you notice the slightest water droplets between window panes, you should call the installation service provider.

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A good installation ensures that the windowsill and the frame of the window don’t have any gaps. This is the most noticeable sign of poor window installation, and it often arises when the service provider doesn’t measure the windows correctly. Some installers will use a size of glass that’s “close enough” to the size of the frame.


A window should never feel drafty, especially when it’s new. Nowadays, windows are made with energy efficiency in mind. They are perfect at keeping outside elements from getting into the house, as well as preventing the interior of the house from losing its warmth or coolness. If you feel a breeze near your windows when they’re closed, you’ll have to call the service provider to redo the job. If you ignore it, you’ll spend a lot of money on energy bills.

Sloppy Seals

Caulking requires a meticulous approach that ensures it’s done correctly. Messy caulking is a sign that your window installation service provider did the job in a hurry and failed to give you the kind of energy-efficient seals you need. Caulking that looks messy will most likely fail to seal the window as expected.

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Water Damage

Water damage can cause molds and mildew, along with other problems, especially when excess moisture gets into the walls. Pay attention to your windows when it rains and take note of any staining or moisture around your windows.

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