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New Year, New Front Door

New Year, New Front Door

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A distinct front door can transform the exterior of your home. Custom doors are a wonderful way to give your home a bit of character and pizazz. If you choose a company that specializes in door installation, the process can be quick and affordable, too. Contacting a team of professional door installers today can ensure that you have a new front door in no time. Nothing says “out with the old, in with the new” quite as literally as a new front door.

New Door, New Outlook

Adding a new front door to your home is an excellent way to give the front of your house a major lift without making other significant structural changes.

For instance, a beautiful antique-style door made out of heavy wood and lovely glass panes could add a bit of old-timey elegance to your home. Or, some homeowners prefer a more modern door that’s painted a bold shade that really makes it stand out from the rest of the house. These dramatic doors cause onlookers to smile or do a double-take because they have character.

If your front door simply needs a little pick-me-up, a new coat of paint or an additional glass pane can make your existing door look a bit brighter. Of course, it’s nice to see a newly refurbished front door every time you pull into your driveway, but if you want a bigger change, door replacement is an affordable way to boost your home’s curb appeal.

Door Replacement

Sometimes a front door replacement can become a more urgent matter. There are a few reasons for this. Beyond simple aesthetics, your front door may no longer work the way it should be. If your front door has scuff marks, or even chipped wood, or trouble with the locking mechanism, a team of door installers can fix it for you. These issues can become safety concerns if they’re not addressed. These steps will certainly improve the appearance of the front of your home, as well as the door’s functionality.

Professional door installers can identify doors that need to be replaced. Fortunately, it’s usually harder to choose a new door design than it is to have it installed.

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Custom Doors

If you’ve already visited showrooms but haven’t yet seen a front door design that you like, opt for a custom door instead. If you can visualize your dream door, a team of professional door installers can make it a reality.

Start by considering what your ideal custom front door would look like. A dedicated team of door installers is standing by to build and install your dream door so that it meets your exact specifications.

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Key Takeaway

Custom doors will likely inspire you to upgrade other aspects of your home that require renovation. Think of a new front door as the gateway to home improvement. This year can be the perfect time to finally remodel your home. Total Home Remodeling is ready to help! As the top Marvin door installer and contractor in Kansas City, you can expect quality and seamless service from our technicians. Call us today at  (913) 227-4149 to kick off the year with a fresh start.

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