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How to Look for a Qualified Door Contractor?

How to Look for a Qualified Door Contractor?

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A misaligned, ill-fitting, or out-of-style door does nothing for your home’s curb appeal. Besides being unsightly, an older door with inferior hardware can be an inviting target for thieves. Of course, you want your family to feel safe, and replacing that worn front door is a good way to boost both the look and the security of your home.

Replacing any door in a home, especially an exterior door, is a job even the most seasoned DIY homeowners consider hiring a specialist to handle. Nothing is more frustrating than a door that has uneven gaps around the edges, or won’t stay closed. A poorly hung door can also be a major source of heating and cooling energy loss, so it pays to hire qualified, experienced door contractors in Kansas City for your door replacement project.

Choosing the right door contractor doesn’t have to be a complicated or stressful experience if you follow these simple tips.

Make a List

Do a simple search online for door contractors in your area. Remember, some charge travel fees, so the farther they are from your home, the more you will pay for ‘windshield time’.

Check For Licensing and Insurance

Unfortunately, some ‘contractors’ are actually handymen who do a poor job with inferior skills and materials. This can leave you feeling ripped off. Thankfully, you can find out if a contractor is licensed to perform the work they’re advertising. It’s always a good idea to verify this information.

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Review Their Website

Reputable door contractors typically have a website that details their experience, shows examples of their work, introduces their team, and showcases awards they have won, plus any professional organizations they belong to. A cheaply designed website may indicate a company that also skimps on their finished product.

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Visit a Job Site

Ask permission from door contractors to visit a job they’re currently working on. Observe the behavior and dress of the employees and their attitude towards their work. Remember, you will be inviting these people into your home. Chose a contractor who is proud of their employees and their work.

Insist on Quality Materials

Ensure the contractor you choose uses high-quality products made in the U.S.A. Imported or cheaply made door products may save you money in the short-term, but you will surely pay more in the long run when inferior materials fail.

Interviewing Door Contractors?

Isn’t it time you gave your front door the attention it deserves? From design consultation to final clean up, our team at Total Home Remodeling is here to walk you through every aspect of replacing the doors in your home. If you’re interviewing door contractors, give us a call today at (913)270-8570, or browse our website for more information.

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