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3 Kitchen Layout Options for Kansas City Remodels

3 Kitchen Layout Options for Kansas City Remodels

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Remodeling your kitchen is a big, exciting project. After all, your kitchen is where you spend a lot of your time. From a hurried breakfast before work to a sit-down meal prepared with the family to a midnight snack you hope no one finds out about, your kitchen needs to be able to handle it all. Luckily, the top trending kitchen layout options for Kansas City remodels can fit any home’s needs.

Three of the top layout options for your kitchen remodel include:

Open Floorplan

A kitchen with an open floorplan prioritizes free space for you and your family. It is raditionally styled with cabinets exclusively along walls with no counter space that jets out into any walkway. An open kitchen also provides enough room to move around with multiple people. This design trend also makes the room feel bigger, maximizing the area.

Island Feature

With extra counter space and storage, kitchens with an island are becoming more and more popular. Whether an island features a sink, stove, or storage, this trending layout helps families to have more options within their kitchen. Kitchen islands take away the freedom of an open floorplan, while instead providing innovative uses for the area, like a space for barstool seating along one edge.

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Hybrid Kitchen

In homes where an open floorplan is already in use throughout the entire space (think a kitchen and living room that aren’t separated by walls), a hybrid approach of including a smaller kitchen island in the open space is a great option. The island helps define the kitchen section of the home, without encroaching into the openness of the kitchen itself.

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When planning your kitchen layout, it’s important to keep in mind how your space will be used. Will your family always be with you helping to chop veggies? An open floorplan will likely work best. Do you like to be the sole captain in charge of every aspect of cooking? An island feature with ample counter space for your creations would be a good idea. No matter the style you choose, Total Home KC is here to help you get started with your kitchen remodel.

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