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What Makes Full Frame Window Replacement Different?

What Makes Full Frame Window Replacement Different?

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Full frame window replacement involves the complete removal of the window before a new unit is installed. It’s a commonly used method for both commercial and residential properties. But, because the exterior and interior sections of the window are removed, the process may take a little longer. By removing the entire frame, your technician can inspect the area and assess any damage to implement the right repairs. This window replacement method also gives window specialists more flexibility to meet your expectations and properly complete the job. Read on to learn more about what’s different about full frame window replacement.

How it Works

During a full frame window replacement, the entire unit is removed. The sashes, window trimmings, and frames are all removed to create space for a new window. In some cases, part of the siding is even removed to enlarge the windows, or repair areas with rotten wood. A technician thoroughly inspects everything to ensure the frame hasn’t been damaged before installing the new window unit.

Better Insulation

Full frame window replacement is ideal when a home needs improved insulation, especially when insert window replacement hasn’t been effective enough. The installation process allows the technician to seal off any holes in the surrounding walls. Proper window installation is a good way to lower energy costs as well, ensuring you get maximum comfort and insulation.

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A Better View

If you’re considering expanding your windows, then a full frame window replacement is the best way to go. This is also the best method if you opt for a new window style. Although, the kind of project you choose determines the amount you spend, too. For instance, enlarging your current windows ultimately costs more than just selecting a new style. So, plan ahead to stay within budget.

Overall, there are times when full frame window replacement just makes the most sense. This can include renovation projects, when it’s necessary to replace damaged windows that are no longer functional, or if the frames are vinyl and you want a new color for your home.

The Perfect Windows

This window replacement method works for all materials, whether you opt for wood, aluminum, or vinyl. In fact, it provides you with more options to get the perfect windows for your property. Insert window replacement, on the other hand, is often faster and less expensive, but it doesn’t allow for the same degree of flexibility, which can make it a less appealing option.

For the best window replacement experience, you need an experienced service provider. At Total Home Remodeling, we’re committed to excellence and high-quality customer service, no matter the size of the job. View our testimonials online, or contact us at (913) 270-3492 for a free estimate.

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