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Window Replacement: An Underappreciated Home Improvement Project

Window Replacement: An Underappreciated Home Improvement Project

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It may seem as if elements like kitchen countertops and waterfall showers get all the love when it comes to home improvement. Windows might just be the most underappreciated aspect of remodeling and increasing the appearance and value of a home. Sure, kitchens and bathrooms are important but, without quality windows to let in an abundance of natural light, how will anyone appreciate updates to these areas? More than letting in light, quality windows can significantly improve the look and feel of your home. High-quality windows can also significantly lower your monthly electricity bill. They achieve this by improving your home’s insulation, keeping the competing temperatures of nature on the outside. This puts less strain on your HVAC system and your wallet. So, if you are thinking about making a home improvement, replacing your windows should be a priority. Let’s review the key reasons for why.

Improved Appearance

You may look through your windows so often that you don’t even really see them for what they are. The truth may be that they could stand to be replaced. Wider, bigger windows give a home an opulent, bright feeling. The right finishes and fixtures can make your windows look as clean and open as possible, framing the view in the best way. New windows offer a fresh look, both from the curb and from the couch—no more dingy window frames or torn screens acting as unsightly blemishes to your home. New windows show that your home is well cared for and maintained. If you plan on selling your home, replacement windows can signal to a potential buyer that your home has been updated and is energy efficient. Think about how important a frame is to a picture. Your windows are no different. A picture window also looks better in a modern frame, no matter which side you’re looking through.

Smart Investment

In addition to appearance, new windows are an investment that truly pays for itself. With new windows, you may notice a lower energy bill each month, regardless of the season. If you live in a cold climate, your energy savings may be more pronounced. New windows are often energy star approved and have been specially crafted. Unlike old windows, new windows are excellent at creating a seal between the outside and inside air.

It costs less to cool an energy-efficient house in the summer and to heat an energy-efficient house in the winter. On average, updated windows save you anywhere from $100-$500 a year!

More Natural Light

The amount of natural light in a home is vital to a home’s value. It’s something that is universally loved and sought after. Natural light has been shown to improve moods and mental health issues, like depression and anxiety. It also makes your home look brighter and cleaner. In order to maximize the amount of natural light in a home, smaller, outdated windows should be replaced with windows that allow for more natural light. Natural light in a home creates a bright and crisp atmosphere, which can potentially improve your mood, your home’s aesthetic, and your home’s value, too.

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Affordable Window Replacement

Like any home improvement project, replacing windows in a home may seem like a daunting and expensive endeavor. However, with the right remodeler, the process can be smooth.

When you’re ready for new windows, contact us for affordable window replacement options. Since 1998, the team at Total Home Remodeling has been renovating homes with stunning results. Our team of experienced professionals can make any renovation project stress-free and enjoyable. With each detail accounted for, the installation process will be one you soon forget as you’re busy enjoying the incredible results.

Contact us at Total Home Remodeling today to learn more. We look forward to working with you.

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