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Glam Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Glam Bathroom Remodel Ideas

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Bathrooms are obviously essential for hygienic purposes, but they’ve also become a space of luxury in many modern homes. It’s now popular for homeowners to invest in bathroom remodeling in order to create a spa-like experience—without the need to leave the house.

Even though some bathrooms are spacious enough to contain everything from walk-in showers to huge bathtubs, smaller spaces can also be designed to improve functionality. So, if you’re ready to glam up your bathroom today, we’ve compiled a list of some fun bathroom remodel ideas in Kansas City.

Subway Tiles

While some people might think that subway tiles are going out of style, that’s simply not true. This is a trend that’s here to stay. Subway tiles come in a variety of patterns and shades. They can also add a fun pop of color to an otherwise restrained design. Choose a tone that compliments the theme of your decor for a simple bathroom remodel.

Flora & Fauna

House plants remain a growing trend, especially within the last year. If you love everything green and lush, this nature-inspired design is a lovely choice. Spruce up your white tile flooring, walls, or marble countertops with flowery wallpapers, green shower curtains, and cute succulents.

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Chic Black

Of course, off-white, minimalist-inspired bathrooms aren’t for everyone, and we get that. So, why not move toward the opposite end of the spectrum? Change the colors of your bathroom tiles, sink, and cabinets to black or grays to create a dramatic touch of sophistication. Add an ornate, oversized mirror, or replace your shower door with a frameless design, and it will be a total makeover!


Plain walls might seem just fine, but if you want to accentuate or freshen up your bathroom, add some colorful wallpaper. You can cover your bathroom walls with delicate or simple prints to make it feel more inviting.

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Bay Windows

Suppose you prefer for your bathroom to have a nice outdoor view while you relax in the bathtub. In that case, you can install large bay windows that offer bracingly beautiful scenery in the summer. And in the winter, you can still enjoy the view, although you may want to consider adding heated floors to make your bathroom remodel cozier.

Marble Floors

A touch of marble can change the whole look of a bathroom, elevating it to a higher standard. Currently, jungle green is a striking look that’s popular, but too much marble can be overwhelming or seem cold in a small space.

Bathroom Remodels

Bathroom remodeling is a simple way to spruce up your home. Though there are a lot of glam design ideas to incorporate into your new style, you’ll need to consider a few factors.

To ease the process, prioritize upgrades that best match your lifestyle and needs. For instance, if your current shower enclosure is outdated, opt for a replacement. You could also expand your master bathroom to create a dressing area that’s warm and convenient.

Do you have a glam bathroom remodel idea in mind? Or, are you looking for more inspiration? Whatever it is, Total Home Remodeling is here to help. Call us at (913) 270-8570 to get started today.

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