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4 Questions You Should Ask Door Installers

4 Questions You Should Ask Door Installers

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Do you need a new door installed in your home? You might have some questions in mind, or even concerns you want to clarify. Don’t be afraid to ask home remodeling companies for more information because these details are likely crucial to your hiring process. Before working with door installers, here are 4 things to keep in mind.

“How long have you offered door installation services?”

Business contractors who have established their business have gone through many years of trying to build a reputation for themselves. On the other hand, companies that failed to serve their community have probably left a trail of poor reviews that can be found online.

As a first-timer, you don’t want to be reliant on door installers who will let you down. Asking this question helps you determine their experience level, and whether they can effectively deal with any problems that may come up along the way. It also doesn’t hurt to look for testimonials and customer comments before making a decision.

“Do you have a contracting license?”

If you want guaranteed quality of service, you should not take anything for granted. It’s important to ensure that your contractors are licensed to perform any installations on your property. If you don’t heed this warning, it can be a major loss on your part if something does go wrong.

This doesn’t mean that having a business license is enough, but it’s a good place to start narrowing down your choices. After all, you wouldn’t want to hire a roofing contractor to handle your door installation. So, definitely take the time to check out their background and credentials, which brings us to this next topic.

“Are you insured?”

Make sure that your door installer is insured in case an accident occurs. Contractors may decide to forgo insurance for many reasons. For instance, they may not yet have any employees or choose not to purchase insurance in order to cut costs. Whatever the case, you door installers need to be both licensed and insured. Otherwise, you could actually be held liable for any injuries on your property.

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“What fees are included, and how long will it take you?”

Before you agree to anything, request an estimate in writing. You can also ask whether any extra fees may arise, and how the contractor prefers their payment is made. Also, this is a good time to find out how long the installation process will take so it can be noted in your contract. Putting everything in writing protects both parties from misunderstandings.

This information is essential because neglecting to ask these questions could cost you hidden fees. Even if it’s something as minor as installing a door, you should ensure that you sign a contract. Carefully review your agreement so you don’t miss any details, and take the time to ask for clarification if there’s something you don’t understand.

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A reputable door installer will be willing to answer all of your questions and walk you through the entire process. When looking for home remodeling companies in Kansas City, Total Home Remodeling is available for door installations. Do you have more questions? Our experienced team is happy to answer them. Call 913-270-8570 for a free design consultation

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