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Popular Custom Door Designs

Popular Custom Door Designs

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If you’re looking to give your home a boost by changing your door, you should know there are many popular custom designs available out there. Custom doors can be made especially for your house. But just like any other aspect of home improvement, you’ll need to hire the right person for the job. Door installation is an art of its own. It takes experience, skills, and expertise to achieve a personalized door design.

For starters, let’s take a look at some of the most popular choices among homeowners.


These doors are made from wood, so expect that they’re durable and built to last. They’re typically used as interior doors, but a lot of people are choosing to put them at the main entrance. The look is simple but classic. You can also paint them, add stains, or even cover the door with wallpaper.


Fiberglass doors are used by most people who want to give their home a grand entryway. These doors look elegant and sophisticated. Additionally, fiberglass doors are durable and heavy. They’re made from a solid core of insulation that is encased in a fiber-reinforced polymer. This material is popular because it can realistically replicate the grain of wood, while being more durable than the real thing. Fiberglass doors are also not vulnerable to warping or insects.

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Dutch Doors

Dutch doors are charming. It’s possible to have their top half open while the bottom half remains closed. These doors are a fantastic option for people who want to get some fresh air without the need to open their front door completely. Although most modern homes don’t choose this style for a front door, they can be useful for other parts of the house, like a kitchen door to the garden.

French Doors

French doors are meant for homes that need more sunlight, Mostly glass, French doors let the light shine through. These doors work best as a backyard door, but also a crowd favorite in the living area. If you want to feel more connected to the outside, consider installing a French door.

Hand-Carved Doors

While hand-carved wooden doors aren’t as trendy, they still hold a special place in the world of custom doors because of the intricate details and attention that goes into each one of them. This is a unique look that acts as a statement piece. You can ask a door installer to order a custom hand-carved door in any design you like.

Panel Doors

Also known as stile-and-rail doors, panel doors typically come in four, six or eight-panel configurations. They have smooth, framed sections that surround deeply embossed panels. Typically, one or more of these panels will feature a window insert or glass cutout. Panel doors are most often installed on the interior of a home.

Barn Doors

Several “country chic” designs have heavily influenced the last ten years in custom home design. Between reclaimed wood furnishings and vintage pieces, barn doors have left the farm and entered custom homes.

Barn doors are often known to be made from rough-hewn wood in wrought iron. You can put X and Z designs and choose which door glides to open or close. There are a lot of ways to customize barn doors. The door installation process will be a little different with this style.

Custom Door Design Options

These are just a few of the most popular door designs that you can draw inspiration from. The final design will still depend on what your vision looks like, and how your door installer turns it into reality.

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