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4 Cozy Basement Finishing Options in the Winter

4 Cozy Basement Finishing Options in the Winter

4 Cozy Basement Finishing Options in the Winter

An unfinished basement can be very cold and unpleasant, especially during winter. Leaving your basement with concrete floors and exposed pipes can lower the value of your property. It can also waste valuable space that could be used to increase the square footage of your home. It may sound overwhelming, but you don’t have to dread finishing your basement, though. Try the following basement finishing options. They’re simple, but will begin the process of making your basement more usable.


Concrete floors can become cold, even with area rugs in place. (Keep in mind that heat rises.) Look for flooring options that will not accumulate moisture and can be made cozier with other accessories. You can also install floor heating if you have the budget for it. Choose radiant in-floor heating that will aid in even distribution of heat across the floor. Another good alternative is foam floor mats to make your floors softer and more appealing. These floor mats come in different designs and colors that you can use to create an interesting contrast or blend. If you opt for rugs, choose colors that will pop and make the room brighter. After all, most basements don’t have windows. You can use non-skid backing to prevent them from slipping.


Buying the right furniture for your basement can give it the transformation and warmth you need for the winter. Your furniture choices should depend on what you intend to use the basement for. For instance, buy reclining seats if you want the basement to be a family room or a home theater. Add sectional rugs to the seating area and you’ll have a more comfortable and cozier basement. You could also add some heavy curtains on the walls if they’re currently unfinished, though finishing the walls is a better option. A simple fireplace can also make your basement feel more like home and help reduce your heating costs.


Double glazed windows may be more expensive, but the extra insulation they provide makes them a worthwhile investment. You could also improve the ductwork or seal the crawl spaces to prevent cold winter air from coming in. Seal the gaps around the basement so they don’t leak warm indoor air. Foam board insulation might be a good option for your unfinished basement, too.

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Some of the best basement finishing components are the right accessories. Throw pillows, accent walls, and candles are some elements that can improve the comfort level of any room. Brighter paint colors will also give the room a warmer undertone than neutral shades.

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More Basement Finishing Options

We hope this post helps you begin to consider your basement in a new way. If you’re interested in more dramatic results, contact us. At Total Home Remodeling, can help you achieve all of your design and remodeling goals. Contact us today by phone or email, and we can discuss your new design.

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