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Keeping it Real With Wood

Keeping it Real With Wood

A beautiful and unique wood countertop adds warmth and character to a kitchen, bar, or bathroom.

A wood countertop gives a kitchen, bar, or bathroom a warmth that cannot be matched by any other material. Each board is unique and warm to the touch, unlike stone which is cooler in look and feel.

Each wood countertop, island top, or butcher block is one-of-a-kind due to an endless variety of colors, wood species, shapes, and finishes.  The color and character of wood countertops improve with time.

There is a functional side of the wood that most would not think about. A wood countertop muffs the sounds of clinking dishes, glassware, and kitchen appliances.  Additionally, breakage is less likely should glassware or other items fall on it.

Keeping it Real With WoodWe have amazing local woodworkers and designers here in KC. Local KC custom furniture designers, Wicked Grain have created some noteworthy pieces that can be installed in any space. Each piece of wood is selected from rare wood dealers and created into a design that fits the space. Special care is taken to assure that the design shows off the natural beauty of the wood.

Solid wood countertops are available in the following hardwood types:

•            Maple
•            Cherry
•            Ash
•            Oak
•            Walnut
•            Hickory
•            Mahogany
•            Wenge

Construction Style

Keeping it Real With WoodWith a custom wood countertop, island top, or butcher block you will need to select a construction style.  Plank or face grain top is constructed with the face of the wood up to show the natural pattern of the grain.

Edge grain tops are constructed with the side of the wood up, which shows the vertical lines of the grain.  End grain or butcher block tops are constructed with the end of the wood up using squares or rectangular blocks.

Make your countertop stand out with one of our built-in options.  We offer a built-in cutting board, knife block, removable cutting board, hot plate grills, sloped drainboard, or stone.

The type of finish is dependent upon the intended use of the countertop.  All the finishes that we use are safe for food contact. Mineral Oil: Mineral oil or beeswax mix is used for countertops where the top is intended to be used as a cutting board. This finish will wear and need to be reapplied regularly.

For countertops, bar tops, and bathroom tops where a permanent waterproof finish is required it is wise to use tung-oil. Tung-oil based finish stands up to hard daily use. The finish seals wood fibers beneath the surface and will not chip, peel, or crack.

With the look and feel created by using wood, it could be a gorgeous addition to any space.


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