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FAQ: When Should I Replace My Windows

FAQ: When Should I Replace My Windows

replacing windows in a home

While you stare out of them every day watching the sunrise or trying to figure out what in the world your neighbors are doing, your home’s windows are an often overlooked aspect of your house. In fact, many homeowners in the Kansas City area are living behind windows that desperately need to be replaced.

But how do you know when your windows should be replaced?

While timing varies depending on households and the damage severity of the structure, you should consider replacing your windows:

When You Want to Increase Energy Efficiency

As windows age, they lose their ability to be energy efficient. Because of gaps in stripping and other flaws that form with time, windows start to lose air to the outside, causing your heating and cooling system to have to work harder to keep your home comfortable. When you notice an increase in your electrical bill because of this, you need to consider replacing your windows.

When the Window Leaks

Midwestern storms are crazy enough as they are without the frustration of leaking windows. Not only is a leaking window annoying, but the water can cause serious damage to walls, floors, and any other piece of your home that the leakage touches. To eliminate these threats, replace your leaking window as soon as possible.

Every 25 Years

Even if your windows appear to be in top shape after more than two decades, it is best practice to replace them every 25 years. Of course, this timeframe depends greatly on the placement of your windows (structures in the West side of your home will need to be replaced more often due to heavy sun exposure), this number is a good rule of thumb to ensure your home remains in peak condition.

While replacing the glass in your window or tending to the frame can help prolong the life of your structure, it is best to always replace your windows before damage gets too out of hand to ensure that no further problems are spread to other aspects of your home and to help keep your home looking and functioning at its absolute best.

To learn more and to start replacing the windows on your home, visit Total Home Remodeling today.

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