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FAQ: What Are the Best always to Prep My Home for a Midwestern Winter?

FAQ: What Are the Best always to Prep My Home for a Midwestern Winter?

Make sure to prepare your home for winter before it shows up and makes it that much harder.

Jingle bells are ringing, department stores are bustling, and more than just Santa is on his way – that’s right, the chilly Midwestern winter weather is just about to hit the Kansas City Metro. Winter is a glorious time of year, but can also be a bitter one if you and your home are not properly prepared.

Before snowflakes start to dance in their mocking formation, get your home ready for the season ahead with these simple tricks:

Secure Your Siding

The siding on your house not only helps to keep the warm air in, but it also keeps that bone-numbing cold air out. When your siding has aged and has begun to crack, morph, or rot, you leave your home and family vulnerable to the drastic weather patterns known to sweep through the heartland in the midst of winter. Before temperatures drop too low, inspect your home’s siding and either patch or replace all problem areas to ensure a warm season ahead.

Get Your Yard Ready

Sure, you may love the winter months because they give you an excuse to stay inside and ignore yard work, but before you can lounge around, you need to prep your lawn. Start by winterizing your sprinkler system so no water is left to freeze and damage your pipes, then move onto clearing all debris away from your foundation – especially areas where leftover leaves could clog furnace airways. These simple tasks will help protect your property all winter.

Replace Your Windows

Similar to your siding, your windows play a big role in ensuring your home stays efficient and warm in the winter. Give a thorough look over all of your windows in the late fall, and replace ones that either are malfunctioning, or repair those that need a bit more weatherstripping.

By prepping your home for winter, you will be able to maintain your property’s value and quality of life, even throughout the ice storms that are sure to plague the area soon. Kansas City winters are nothing if not harsh, so make sure you are prepared today by giving your home the best winterization care as possible.

To learn more about prepping your home for winter, visit Total Home KC today.

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