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Trending Stair Designs in Kansas City

Trending Stair Designs in Kansas City


Unless you have one of those awesome indoor slides in your home, chances are you use the stairs to get from one floor to another. And even then, it is a safe bet to guess that your stairs are pretty bland compared to other features of your home. At Total Home KC, we believe that your stairs can be both a functional and beautiful aspect of your house.

Liven up your home’s stairs with these three design trends:

Metal Balusters

Gone are the days of basic wood balusters painted white. Commonly referred to as spindles, these stair features are important for both the safety and style of your design. Currently, Kansas City homeowners are opting for the durable, beautiful choice of metal balusters. Available in a wide range of styles, finishes, and sizes, these balusters can be customized for any home.

Decorative Railing

Sure, you could choose to just use a standard board as the railing on your stairs, however, decorative designs are much more fun. When picking out your stair’s railing, consider options that have intricate designs carved into the sides, or even are finished with a unique stain. These small details will give your home a big personality.

Hardwood Treads

Even if the rest of your flooring is carpet, hardwood treads are the way to go. Beautiful as accents, hardwood treads are easy to clean, and give a new level of sophistication to any Kansas City home. Choose a wood type that complements other pieces in your home, or opt for a distinguished, unique style that stands out all on its own.

Your stairs are often the focal point of your home’s interior. Treat them like the highlighting feature they are by incorporating the latest design trends into your next home remodel. To learn more about trending stair designs in Kansas City, visit Total Home KC today.

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