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Now Trending in Kansas City Remodeling: Farmhouse Style

Now Trending in Kansas City Remodeling: Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse style homes are becoming very popular in Kansas City.

While it’s rare that homeowners in the Kansas City Metro are living on literal farmland, all over the community homeowners are beginning to incorporate the classic look of farm aesthetic into their remodels. Even though few go as far as installing chicken coops in the backyard, and homeowner’s associations are generally opposed to cows grazing the neighborhood, achieving the trending look and feel of a classic farmhouse aesthetic is simple.

Some of the top trending styles in farmhouse-inspired homes include:


Made popular by HGTV, shiplap is an affordable, stylish way to add dimension to your home’s interior. Whether incorporated as an accent wall or all over, shiplap comes in styles ranging from classic wood to engineered materials to even certain metals and is easy to install and personalize.

Farmhouse Sink

Large and luxurious, farmhouse sinks are one of the most coveted kitchen staples in new home remodels. Thanks to their simple, clean look, farmhouse sinks open up a kitchen in ways that traditional sinks do not, and can complement even the most contemporary homes with their neutral tone. Even if they are only used for stacking dishes instead of canning vegetables from the garden, these spacious sinks are a must for any new kitchen.

Natural Wood and Stone

Taking inspiration from simpler times and living, the farmhouse home trend utilizes the look and feel of natural wood and stone. From rich cabinets to rustic countertops and more, even engineered materials take advantage of natural grains and textures to make it look as if your home was built with materials you just happened to find lying around the property – beautiful, handcrafted, valuable materials, that is.

Before you put your lot in the suburbs on the market in favor of a ranch with acreage, take advantage of these trending farmhouse staples to transform your house into the rustic home you crave. From your kitchen to your walls and beyond, these styles will give you a farm feel without a pesky rooster crowing at the crack of dawn.

To start transforming your home with these trending styles, visit Total Home KC today.

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