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Tile Style Trends to Be Aware Of

Tile Style Trends to Be Aware Of

Bathroom Tile

When it comes to home design and the remodeling process, one major factor that can make or break an aesthetic is tile. The tile that you choose for your home, whether for your bathroom, kitchen, or even other living areas, sets the tone for your entire house.

So what tile should you pick for your home project?

Tile styles are as wide ranging as homeowners in the Kansas City area, but these three trends are sweeping the industry, and have the potential to make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

Natural tile, most often utilized in showers, gives the look of real stone, helping the rock to blend beautifully into your bathroom design scheme, almost as if it is just a typical slab one would find in nature. Natural stone works best in traditional homes, but when installed in a lighter shade of gray or white, can make any contemporary room pop.

Rustic tile is the perfect way to add accents to your traditional home in a tastefully subtle manner. This style of tile embraces the soft lines and hues of different stones, while being cut into sharp, geometric patterns that form together to create works of art. Often used in kitchen backsplashes and even bathroom flooring, rustic tile helps add character to older homes.

Modern tile, usually found in neutral tones such as white, gray, and black, is most commonly laid in straight, strict patterns to help emphasize the intricate style of contemporary spaces. This tile is one of the most popular styles exploding throughout the country, as it gives spaces a clean, expansive atmosphere.

The tile that you choose for your home project is just as important as the color you paint your walls, or even the type of cabinets you install. While the style of tile you opt for has the potential to alter your entire design, one thing is for certain, you can’t go wrong with any of these three trends.

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