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Three Ways To Use Stone in Your Home

Three Ways To Use Stone in Your Home

Stone backsplash in a kitchen

Like most homeowners looking to remodel, there is a good chance you are ready for a change. You are ready to swap that old window for a new model, that faded paint for a brighter color, and all of the rest of those dated, dented, and dull areas of your home for something beautiful that will last. When you use stone elements in your remodel, you will bring new life and value to your home.

From quartz to marble to every shade and style in-between, stone elements are a great way to increase the style and durability of your space.Pick your favorite stone, and transform your home with one of these three popular uses:


Arguably the most common use for stone within many modern homes, countertops are a great way to incorporate your favorite style. From luxurious marble to bold quartz patterns and more, stone countertops are a durable, beautiful alternative to traditional laminate.


Mostly found in the form of tile, stone backsplashes are a practical yet stylish choice for your kitchen remodel. Ranging from classic white to bold colors in intricate patterns, a stone backsplash adds not only tremendous value to your home, but also undeniable character.

Whether as a column, doorway, or other structural piece, stone additions to your home can turn even the most standard of areas into a work of art. By choosing stone bases for areas of your house that need a little more strength or even just a touch of extra personality, you will be able to show off your style in a unique, functional way.

Whether you opt to use stone in your next home remodel as an accent piece, like in your kitchen backsplash, or decide to commit to incorporating larger focal points, like through columns, your home will be transformed in both style and value.

To learn more about how to incorporate different kinds of stone into your next home remodel, visit Total Home KC today.

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