Three Ways to Style Your Family Room

Three Ways to Style Your Family Room

Your home isn’t complete without your family, so make sure your family room is styled to fit the needs and wants of every member in the house. Whether you and your loved ones spend your free time discussing the latest global events, or hosting Wii Golf tournaments, the design of your family room is a major factor when it comes to those precious memories.

When renovating your family room, consider incorporating these three styles:


In a traditional family room layout, the focus of the space is all about the people in it. Complete with comfy couches, spacious shelves, and a usable fireplace, this style trend stays simple, and keeps the main function of the area strictly to spending time with loved ones. The neutral shades throughout the room also help accent pieces to pop, while keeping the room clean and fresh.


Some of the most popular family rooms in Kansas City are spaces dedicated to entertainment and fun. Whether you complete the room with a pool table, video game system, or shelves full of board games, this design trend centers around action, and creating memories through entertainment. This trend also allows for you as the homeowner to have more fun when choosing bold colors, brassy hardware, and wall décor.


Perfect for homeowners tight on space, the functional family room style is a great way to make the most of a smaller home. By combining the social areas of your home like the kitchen, TV, and dining room areas, this functional trend helps your home to open up and appear much bigger than it is. This design functionality also allows for family members to still be together, while working on different projects. For example, Mom can be finishing dinner, while Dad watches TV, while the kids do homework at the table. The best of both worlds when it comes to design and aesthetic, this family room combines your spaces for optimal performance.

Whether your family room is in need of a complete renovation, or you are looking for a simple change, updating your space can help bring new life to your home. Mix and match elements from each design trend to create the family space of your dreams, and get started making new memories.

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