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Spring Window Treatment in Kansas City

Spring Window Treatment in Kansas City


Finally – spring has arrived in Kansas City! If you are like most homeowners, there is a good chance this warmer weather couldn’t have come fast enough. After such a long, icy, snowy winter, nothing is quite as thrilling as throwing open the windows of your home and letting the spring air in. However, before you fully embrace the new season, make sure your windows are ready with the right treatment.

How to Treat Your Windows This Spring

Three tasks to complete to ensure your windows are their best for spring are:


At the start of the season, take a good, long look at each window on your home. When you do, take note of any problems – like cracks, rot, warps, broken seals, etc. Even issues that seem minor should be tracked during this inspection so that you have a complete picture of your property.

Repair and Replace

If you notice any troublesome spots on or around your windows, make a plan to fix them as soon as possible. Whether you simply need a new crank or it is time to replace the entire piece, the experts at Total Home KC can help you find and install the window your Kansas City home needs.


Watching those blue jays fly around your backyard isn’t as fun with streaks lining your window’s glass. By shining your windows regularly with either your favorite cleaner or a natural concoction of 50% vinegar mixed with 50% water, you will be able to fully enjoy the beauty of spring from inside of your home.

Since windows are your gateway to bringing spring inside, treat them right. By keeping an eye on any problem areas, replacing or repairing as needed, and giving a little extra TLC each week, you will ensure your windows are equipped for not only this spring, but many more to come.

To learn more or to get your windows in top-shape for spring, contact Total Home KC today.

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