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Spring Decor for Your Bathroom Remodel

Spring Decor for Your Bathroom Remodel

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Spring is right around the corner, and who isn’t ready for a change after the long winter? While spring cleaning is something we can take care of over a weekend, you might have a bigger home improvement in mind, like a colorful bathroom remodeling project. It’s a great time of year for some DIY fun. Just begin with small, manageable steps.

Not sure where to start? We have a few bright ideas that will spruce up your bathroom this spring.

Add a Splash of Color

When talking about decor, the color palette actually comes first. One option is to replace dark, tinted colors with fresh tones. We’re not limited to black or white. Colors you might not have previously considered can liven up your home, and transform your bathroom remodeling project. Just make sure that you’re also replacing some of your fixtures, furniture pieces, and other toiletries with complimentary colors. For example, painting one wall a brighter color can add dimension.

Mix and Match Design Elements

Even if you’re going for a minimalist bathroom design, you can experiment by mixing and matching neutral colors with stripes, shapes, patterns, or a hint of wallpaper. This can be creative and fun. You can also add new bathroom accent pieces like artworks, sculptures and trinkets. Aside from being decorative elements, they can also add personality to your bathroom.

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Spring Greenery

During spring, flowers bloom and lush greenery is everywhere. Why not add some plants to your bathroom? Houseplants have become a trendy hobby during the pandemic, and they’re here to stay. Succulents and other small plants, like flowering bulbs, can complement your bathroom. Spruce them up with painted vases, or seashells. If you still feel like something is missing, add accessories made from wood, brick or stone. These materials work well with spring greens.

Boost Lighting

Are there dark curtains in your bathroom? Or perhaps dim lights? Spring is the perfect time to let the light shine in. For curtains, white and gauzy materials are a beautiful option. Although, they may need a backing so no one can see into your bathroom if you don’t have blinds or shades. For lighting, you can add lights around the mirror for a glamorous effect. This will also make it easier to get ready in the morning.

Replace the Mirrors

And while we’re talking about mirrors, when was the last time you updated your bathroom mirrors? There’s a wide variety of frames on the market. You can add more mirrors if you want to achieve symmetry. Or, replace one large mirror with two small ones for a new look. You can also place decorative mirrors where they’ll reflect more sunlight for some extra illumination in your space. Another option would be to have a skylight installed during your bathroom remodel. Natural light can beautify any space.

Creative Storage Solutions

Do you have cluttered shelves or cabinets? There are lots of creative storage solutions on the market. Baskets, shower caddies, and unique furniture pieces can help organize your bathroom. Since we’re talking about spring ideas, rustic wood is always in style. It blends nicely with vibrant colors, too.

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Bathroom Remodeling During Spring

We hope you found these quick remodeling tips useful. Which one is your favorite? We love to hear about your DIY home improvement projects, but if you’re excited to take on a bigger bathroom remodel, we’re ready to help. Total Home Remodeling is just a call away. Get in touch with us at (913) 270-8570. You can also read client testimonials by clicking this link.

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