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Smart Kitchens Are Here: Today’s Technology In Your Kitchen

Smart Kitchens Are Here: Today’s Technology In Your Kitchen

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Technology has outdone itself. In the past decade, innovations have improved the way we communicate, study and work. Smartphones, smartwatches and supercomputers all make our lives so much easier. Many more gadgets are invented or upgraded to make life easier, comfortable and more convenient.

Smart offices and smart schools are slowly becoming the norm. Technological advances are being utilized in offices and schools to make work and study time more productive for employees and students.

Apps that enable online booking of meeting rooms, self-adjust window shades, or activate room lighting, are a few examples of offices incorporating technology into their daily workflow. In schools, high-tech projectors, interactive whiteboards and electronic tablets help make the learning process faster and more thorough for students.

Of course, the home is not exempt from all the innovations of this digital age. Electrical appliances and furniture are being upgraded to perform more and better tasks than ever before. Intelligent light switches, sensor-activated trash cans, and remote-controlled vacuum cleaners are just a few examples of how technology has innovated simple gadgets in our homes.

The kitchen greatly benefits from technological innovations. Widely considered the heart of a home, it is a place of productivity and a central meeting point. It is where the family prepares and cooks food, and sometimes, eats there, too. It is also the place where they usually receive drop-by guests and visitors. Smart gadgets and appliances in the kitchen help manage and make easier many domestic tasks, so you have more free time.

What is a smart kitchen?

Homeowners and interior designers are increasingly bringing smart gadgets and appliances into their kitchens to make work more efficient and utilize space. A smart kitchen considers the kitchen layout, identifies the major tasks and functions, and combines a mixture of electronic equipment with environment-friendly elements to provide an efficient kitchen workspace. Examples include fridges that inform you when food has perished, water-saving, smart washing machines and solar-powered ovens.

Benefits of having a smart kitchen

  • Advanced cooking technology improves the quality and consistency of the meals you cook. With sophisticated devices, you will no longer need to guess the precise temperatures and set the cooking time because the technology will handle it for you.
  • A smart kitchen is safer than a traditional kitchen. Leaving something you are cooking in a conventional kitchen can quickly turn into a fire hazard. With a smart kitchen, you can quickly turn off the stove or keep the flame low with a click of a button from anywhere in the range of a Wi-Fi network.
  • Purchasing smart kitchen appliances and gadgets can be costly, but in the long-term, they are worth the investment. They provide productivity and convenience that traditional kitchenware cannot. They are also energy-efficient and more eco-sensitive. You can expect a significant cut on your utility bills and reduce your environmental impact when you use them.

If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, you might want to invest in smart kitchen appliances and gadgets to make domestic chores less of a drag.

Here is a list of gadgets and appliances that will help make your kitchen smarter and you freer with your time.

  • Wi-Fi enabled coffee maker – Some smart coffee makers are compatible with Amazon Echo, so you can ask Alexa to brew a mug of coffee. You can also control the temperature of the coffee through an app on your phone.
  • Wi-Fi enabled slow cooker – Smart slow cookers can connect to the Wi-Fi allowing you to control the temperature and cooking time from an app on your phone.
  • Countertop high-tech oven – Smart ovens connect to the Wi-Fi and respond to instructions through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby, and other personal assistant apps. Some higher-tech smart ovens have scan-to-cook technology that will thaw and cook frozen food safely when requested.
  • Multi-purpose oven – As a space-saving device, homeowners are increasingly opting for appliances that can be used for more than one purpose. Multi-purpose ovens are popular, particularly in smaller kitchens as they function as an energy-saving convection oven, a dehydrator, a slow cooker, and a boiler, depending on your needs. Being smart, they can be operated by an app on your phone.
  • Smart refrigerator – Most smart refrigerators have built-in tablet screens on the doors. These screens act as memo boards that you can customize and update through an app. The tablet is also fully accessible using your phones. One high-tech model, from a well-known brand, has a built-in camera. So if you want to check if you are low on eggs or milk while in the grocery, you can access the camera through your phone and take a quick look inside your fridge.
  • One-of-a-kind scanner – This smart scanner is attached to your trash can and scans the items you’ve thrown away. Using the voice control feature of the scanner, it will automatically identify the item you disposed of and add the item to your shopping list. So you won’t run out of supplies, and you don’t have to keep a large stock of in the pantry.
  • Sous vide cooker – Sous vide is a method of cooking where the food is cooked at low temperatures for an extended period. It involves vacuum sealing the food and immersing it in a water bath which prevents the food from being overcooked. Smart sous vide machines heat the water to a desired and constant temperature for more effective cooking.
  • Meat thermometer – This thermometer sends a notification to your phone when the meat reaches the desired temperature.
  • Cocktail scales – If you frequently host house parties, then this smart kitchen gadget is ideal for producing fancy drinks to the same quality. This scale is used for cocktail preparations. Place a cocktail mixer or glass on the scales and program in the drink you want onto an app on your phone. Pour the spirit or mixer until you hear a notification chime. Don’t worry if you over pour because the scale will re-calculate the proportions of the alcohol so your drink will still taste good.
  • Smart blenders – This smart blender has a built-in timer that automatically turns off the blender. You can also download an app that features 17 blending programs and more than 500 recipes.
  • Kitchen scale Homeowners who are passionate about baking will love a smart kitchen scale that is connected to an app on your phone. Instead of using spoons and cups for your baking ingredients, a smart kitchen scale will accurately measure out proportions, making the most complicated recipe less intimidating.

The future of smart kitchenssmart kitchen

There is no stopping innovation. According to Business Insider, smart kitchens will get smarter as time goes by. Gadgets will come on the market with better, more advanced features than those available today. Right now, smart appliances and devices make kitchen activities faster and easier. In the future, we can expect them to prepare food for healthier meals.

Kitchen appliances are expected to communicate more effectively with our smartphone or laptop in the future. Your oven, fridge, and smartphone will all work together to monitor your eating habits and maintain a well-balanced diet for you. Sensors on your fridge will monitor your food inventory and notify when you are low on staple food, or whatever it is that you might need.

To adapt to the quickly changing landscape, consider redesigning the layout of your kitchen to accommodate the smarter appliances that will make your life easier­ – without impeding your other day-to-day tasks and living conditions.

Of course, you will want the layout to be functional and visually appealing at the same time. Total Home Remodeling can help you achieve a perfect design for a smart kitchen. We have years of experience in remodeling kitchens and other parts of the house, so you can be sure that we will finish the project efficiently and beautifully.

At Total Home Remodeling, we understand how redesigning a kitchen, although exciting, can be a hassle with the time and resources required during the renovation. That is why we are here to work for you. From the design stage to building and decorating, we will take care of everything needed for your home improvement.

Contact us today and let us work together with you in building a smart kitchen.

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