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Small Kitchen Big Functionality

Small Kitchen Big Functionality

A small kitchen is just an opportunity to open up space when remodeling.

Your kitchen is the go-to room in your home when you’re looking for good food and good company. However, when you have a small kitchen, those good times aren’t always easy to come by. A small kitchen makes your space feel cramped, and like a hassle to maneuver. However, even the tiniest of cooking spaces has big potential.

Don’t write off your kitchen as useless space just because it doesn’t have the square footage you crave. Instead, try one of these easy tricks to make the most out of your most valuable room.

Utilize Unique Shelves

Every kitchen could benefit from more storage space, but add a unique touch to yours by installing open shelving. Exposed shelving will open up your kitchen, rather than closing off large blocks of space with traditional cabinets. This type of shelving even gives you the freedom to mix and match style elements, giving your design the perfect accented pieces.

Add Simple Seating

By adding a row of chairs along your countertop, you can maximize the functionality of your kitchen in seconds. Not only does this furniture give your space more usability, but they also serve as a spot for guests to sit, instead of them having to linger in tight spaces while food is being prepared.

Embrace Your Floorplan

Does your kitchen open up to an empty room that you aren’t sure what to do with? Convert that space into a dining room, or other informal eating area. By embracing the natural layout of your home, you can extend your kitchen into other rooms where it makes sense, and give yourself the space you desire to do your cooking and entertaining.

No matter the size, your kitchen deserves to live up to its potential. By converting your cabinets into open shelving, adding a bar area, and even extending your kitchen into another part of your home, you will be able to make the most out of your miniscule culinary masterpiece.

For more information on how to get the most out of your small kitchen, visit Total Home Remodeling today.

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