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Simple Additions for Major Improvements

Simple Additions for Major Improvements

With winter still hanging around for most of the Midwest, chances are that you are going a little stir crazy locked inside of your house. While hiding from the brutal cold of a Kansas City winter can have its perks (warm fires and hot chocolate – just to name a few), spending too much time staring at your walls can have you itching for a change.

That fiery desire for change and renovation in your home can create significant household improvements that will last far longer than those annoying freezing temperatures outside. With just a few tools and a cold weekend, you can transform your house with these simple additions.

Install ShelvesSimple Additions for Major Improvements

Every homeowner feels a need for more storage, so give yourself some extra space by installing shelves on hallway walls, or even in kids’ bedrooms. Shelves strategically hung on walls will give your home a modern feel, while also supplying a practical use for you and your loved ones.

Brighten with Light Fixtures

Sure, those plain overhead ceiling lights are doing their job, but tall platinum hanging lamps would give your kitchen a classy touch with just a small budget. A simple pair or triplet of a light fixture that matches your style will add a new focal point to your kitchen (or bathroom, bedroom, living room, etc), creating the illusion of a brand new space with only a simple electrical switch.

Create Closet VanitiesSimple Additions for Major Improvements

One interior home trend that is taking off is the addition of vanities in master bedroom closets. This renovation style makes your closet feel like a room itself and gives you or your significant other a great place to get ready in the morning, all while feeling like a rockstar. The hardest part about this installation is just the act of organizing your closet to make space in the first place.

Renovating your home doesn’t have to be a major hassle. The simplest of additions can have your property feeling like new home in no time. Plus, these little projects will give you something to help keep your mind off of the chilly temperatures outside until spring arrives!

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