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Reduce Home Temperature in Hot KC Summer

Reduce Home Temperature in Hot KC Summer

New Home Siding

Summer is in full swing here in Kansas City, and along with BBQ and baseball, it has brought the hot weather we all have come to expect each Midwestern July. When cranking up the AC isn’t quite enough to save your home from the heat this summer, keep in mind these simple cooling down techniques:

Install New Siding
Your home’s siding is vital to keeping your place well-insulated and cool during the hot summer months. When your siding has cracks, holes, or warps, the cool air from inside of your house can easily escape, creating both higher temperatures and air conditioning bills. By replacing damaged siding, you will keep the cool, comfortable air inside all season long.

Keep Doors Closed
Sure, there’s something magical about swinging open patio doors on a summer day, but those doors, when left open for an extended period of time, let the hot air from the outdoors into your nice, cool house. Keep your doors shut this summer as much as possible to stop your cool air from escaping, and if you really want the open feel of the outdoors, opt for full glass paneled doors that will allow you to look out without letting the hot temperatures in.

Replace Windows
Like siding, your windows help to insulate your home and keep temperatures comfortable. However, when your windows have begun to rot, form holes, or simply have any minuscule opening, your insulation will deteriorate and home will suffer. As a bonus, look for styles with new, eco-friendly sun protection technology when you replace any dated windows in your home this summer.

Don’t let the summer heat get the best of you. Instead, cool down your home this summer by keeping the hot air out through increased insulation tactics – including new siding, windows, and keeping those doors shut. Follow these tips, and you’re guaranteed to have the coolest summer ever.

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