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Questions to ask your Contractor Before Remodeling

Questions to ask your Contractor Before Remodeling

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You’ve done it. You’ve finally decided to take the leap and remodel your home. After months (or even years) of preparation, a new home project is an exciting way to boost your house’s value and style. However, before you take a sledgehammer to that old countertop or begin prying away that faded linoleum, make sure you ask your contractor the following questions:

Can you show me some examples of past work similar to my design plan?
The best way to know whether or not a contractor can tackle the design you’ve dreamed up for your home is to see if they have completed a similar project in the past. Ask to see pictures of the final remodel, and figure out if that work fits your wants and needs.

What is your timeline?
While schedules change due to hiccups, make sure to get a good estimate as to how long your particular remodel will take. By mapping out a schedule now, there will be little room for surprises later.

How do I contact you during the project?
While it may seem simple to just approach contractors while they are working on your home, establish a main point and method of contact so that no questions or concerns get lost during the process.

How will we settle problems that emerge?
If the tile has a problem or a pipe isn’t where it should be, you’ll need to know what the plan is to resolve issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. While no contractor hopes to have problems during the process, and most of the time do not, for your ease of mind, figure out this plan before work begins so you can rest easy knowing everything will be handled appropriately.

Your home remodel is a big investment of time, money, and energy. Before you begin, be sure all of your questions are answered so that you can make the most out of this exciting process.

To learn more about the remodeling process or to ask your own questions, visit Total Home KC today.

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