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Pros and Cons of Major Flooring Options

Pros and Cons of Major Flooring Options

Flooring is one of the main decisions in any home remodeling project.

Rustic, modern, or somewhere in between, one thing all homes have in common is the need for flooring. Often overlooked by homeowners starting the remodeling process due to its predictability, the flooring you choose for your home sets the aesthetic for the entire space.

But what flooring is right for your home? Each major style has pros and cons to be argued, which can help you make the right decision for your remodel.


Pros: Hardwood floors are a classically chic option, perfect for any style of home. From cedar to cherry to even engineered wood, there are endless options when it comes to the hardwood flooring you install, giving you the freedom to make your space unique with this long-lasting style.

Cons: While stunning when taken care of, hardwood floors are temperamental and must be treated with care 24/7. This flooring style is easy to scratch, and can fall victim to water damage much quicker than other flooring options.


Pros: Easy to maintain and reliable, tile flooring is most commonly found in bathrooms and laundry rooms, but is growing in popularity when it comes to main living spaces. Sleek and sophisticated, tile flooring allows you to make a statement with your chosen pattern, and stands up well to long years of use.

Cons: Because of its heavy durability, tile flooring is difficult to install. Plus, this hard texture can be painful to stand on for long periods of time, not to mention a cold wake up shock when you first get out of bed in the morning.


Pros: Featured in almost every house in America, carpet has long been seen as a household staple. Cozy and warm, carpet is a soft alternative to other flooring, and makes for a simple installation process.

Cons: Due to its fabric material, carpet loses its value quickly, and needs to be replaced on a regular basis. Plus, this soft material is notorious for hiding allergens and other particles deep in its roots, making cleaning a difficult, never-ending task.

The flooring you choose for your remodel is vital to its success. Whether you opt for hardwood, tile, carpet, or even a combination of styles, your flooring should be a priority in your design decisions. However, as long as you do your research, test samples in the space, and take into consideration your long-term wants and needs, whatever flooring choice you make will be the right one.

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