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Vintage Revival

Vintage Revival

A Baker's Dream Kitchen in Hyde Park, Kansas City, MO

Welcome to the story of transformation, where Total Home KC has mixed the magic of modern design with the warmth of home in the historic Hyde Park neighborhood. We’re excited to showcase our Vintage Revival project – a testament to our craftsmanship and the homeowner’s vision of an industrial baker’s haven.

Before the Flour Settled

Once a jumbled space serving more as a storage unit than a baker’s retreat, this kitchen was ripe for a revival. Total Home KC accepted the challenge, ready to roll up our sleeves and create something extraordinary.


A Recipe for Renovation

Our mission was simple yet ambitious: to turn a cluttered room into a functional, flexible baker’s empire. We envisioned a space where every inch would resonate with the homeowner’s passion for baking, without sacrificing style or sophistication.


The Industrial Chic Bakehouse

The transformation is nothing short of breathtaking. As you step into the kitchen, the expansive super large tiles set a sturdy stage for culinary adventures. We chose these tiles for their beauty and resilience, knowing well that this kitchen would witness countless batches of baked goods.

In the heart of the space stands an industrial-grade stainless steel range and oven – the crown jewels for any serious baker, providing the precision and consistency needed for perfect pastries. Each piece of equipment, from mixers to mills, finds its place on wheeled carts and rolling racks, offering the ultimate in versatility. Need more room for today’s project? Simply glide the equipment aside.


Flexibility on Wheels

Recognizing the dynamic nature of baking, everything in this kitchen – from storage units to prep areas – is designed to move. This isn’t just a kitchen; it’s a dance floor for the culinary arts.


The Personal Touch

We paid special attention to the lighting, ensuring that every corner is bathed in brightness, critical for those intricate icing details. The kitchen now opens up, inviting the baker to experiment, craft, and indulge in the joy of creating.


In the End, It’s More Than Just a Kitchen

This Hyde Park gem stands as a celebration of personal passion and the art of transformation. The Vintage Revival project by Total Home KC is a prime example of how we blend functionality, style, and a homeowner’s unique needs into a space that’s truly their own.


Contact Total Home KC and see how we can stir up some renovation magic for your home. Whether you knead, whisk, or frost, let’s make your kitchen the heart of your home.

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