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Leawood Attic Conversion

Leawood Attic Conversion

A Cozy Retreat for Family Fun

Discover Total Home KC’s showcase project in Leawood, KS – an attic transformation that spells out comfort, luxury, and practicality. What was once an unused attic has been lovingly converted into a warm media room, complete with a full bathroom and spacious walk-in closet, providing the perfect family retreat for our clients and their beloved grandchildren.

Project Insight:

Tucked away in Leawood, this home’s attic was initially a blank canvas of untapped space. Our clients envisioned a multifunctional area that would not only host their grandkids’ visits but would also cater to their storage needs and add a convenient upstairs bathroom.

The Attic Before:

Dusty rafters and bare floors didn’t hint at the potential that lay within this expansive attic. Our clients needed more than just a room; they needed a transformation.


The Total Home KC Touch:
With precision and creativity, our experts at Total Home KC embarked on a comprehensive remodel to bring our clients’ vision to life:

  • Structural beams were dressed in white and accompanied by recessed lighting, creating a bright and airy media room ambiance.
  • An inviting, L-shaped brown sofa bedecked with stylish throw pillows offers a front-row seat to family movie nights.
  • The elegant, cream-colored tufted ottoman now stands at the center, ready for any activity.
  • High-tech entertainment comes courtesy of a sleek flat-screen TV, perfectly positioned for communal viewing.
  • A white console cabinet not only stores multimedia gadgets but also enhances the room’s modern charm.
  • A full bathroom addition ensures convenience and privacy, featuring contemporary fixtures and finishes.
  • The spacious walk-in closet addresses all storage needs, making this attic a paragon of smart space utilization.

The Result:
This Leawood attic is now a hub of joy and entertainment, boasting a media room, a full bathroom, and a walk-in closet. It’s a testament to Total Home KC’s commitment to excellence and our clients’ dreams. The space now enhances not just the home’s function but its overall market appeal.

Ready to elevate your own space? Contact Total Home KC, and let’s turn your home into a haven of possibilities.

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