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Popular Kitchen Cabinets in Kansas City

Popular Kitchen Cabinets in Kansas City

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Options

When most homeowners opt to remodel their kitchen, they often overlook the most important part of the space. Sure, appliances are great and tile patterns are a good conversation starter, but in all honesty, your kitchen cabinets are what make or break your space.

Like most home remodel decisions, the options when it comes to kitchen cabinets seem endless to many looking to renovate. However, the three standard types of kitchen cabinets include:


The most traditional type of kitchen storage, closed cabinets are found in most homes across the Kansas City metro. Commonly made with wood or engineered wood composite materials, closed kitchen cabinets are a timeless choice, and not to mention, are an easy way to hide that pile of rubber storage containers you’ve been meaning to take care of for years.


Found in contemporary, newer homes, open style kitchen cabinets are a minimalistic way to approach your culinary space. While technically just single shelves secured to your wall, this cabinet trend allows for your entire space to open up and gain the illusion of more square footage thanks to less materials taking up room above your countertops.

Taking style tips from both closed and open varieties, this type of kitchen cabinet is formatted like traditional cabinets, butfeatures a front glass-pane so that the contents of the space are visible, even with the doors shut. Bold and innovative, this style of kitchen storage is a great option for those who are dedicated to staying organized or who simply want to show off their collectable plates.

While closed, open, and glass-paned cabinets are the standard for kitchen storage, there are even more unique ways to outfit your space to fit both your style’s personality and needs. Try hanging pots and pans above a kitchen island for a more industrial feel, or even utilizing drawers near your stove for hand towels or even spices. Plus, no matter what style of storage you opt for, you can make your kitchen unique through the hardware and paint you choose.

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