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Little-Known Tips for a Successful Bathroom Remodel

Little-Known Tips for a Successful Bathroom Remodel

Pop quiz: What’s the number one place that homeowners love to remodel? If your answer is the kitchen, you’re wrong.

It’s the bathroom that gets the MOST attention.


This space is much smaller than any other room, making the job easier. Plus, reduced size means lower bathroom remodeling costs. You’ll also deal with less paint and flooring, as well as fewer countertops and cabinets.

Aiming to invest in a bathroom remodel? Check out these tips to make the most out of the project and enjoy your bathroom’s new look!

Create a REALISTIC plan and stick to it.

modern bathroom designsAny project—no matter the size—should start with careful planning. Put your expectations in perspective when it comes to the amount of money you’re willing to invest.

What is the size of your bathroom? What is the quality of each material you’ll use? Are you planning to do some of the labor yourself? Answer these questions and utilize it on the plan that you’re about to create. This will give you an idea about the project’s final cost.

Consider keeping vintage finishes.

The point of your bathroom remodel might be a modern, upgraded look. However, some things are not easy to replace. Older homes, for instance, may have wall tiles with several coats of concrete.

Removing this is not easy, and it can lead to incredibly high labor costs. Why not leave it be and spend your money elsewhere? There are many ways to update your bathroom without gutting the space. Plus, vintage finishes like tiles add a cool feature to the overall look.

Think about waterproofing.

Use backer boards to waterproof your bathroom walls and enclosures. They keep water out when taped and jointed while serving as an added layer of installation.

They work best when placed below underfloor heating. These boards will prevent leaks, which can cause serious damage and are expensive to repair.

Never make storage an afterthought.

bathroom remodel ideasIf you want a well-functioning and serene bathroom, don’t forget about storage. Search for storage opportunities when drawing up your bathroom remodeling plan. Include even those small, simple ones to make everything look seamless.

Why not put tall, shallow cabinets in a stud bay? There’s no need for deep shelf storage—a shallow shelf can hold all your bathroom items in one place.

Use color to adjust your room size.

Removing everything in your bathroom down to the studs is expensive and, in some cases, unnecessary.

Here’s a tip to make your bathroom look bigger without breaking down walls: Use a light color palette. Stay in the white or light shades when repainting the space.

Dark colors do the opposite and make rooms feel smaller. Think twice about painting your bathroom ceiling darker hues as it can shrink your bathroom even more.

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Bathroom Remodeling with a Pro

Unless you’re an experienced pro or a homeowner who’s done it many times, bathroom remodeling may seem daunting. All the decisions, options, and nitty-gritty details will sound like they’re in a foreign language.

Thus, it makes perfect sense to hire a home remodeling contractor instead of going DIY. Ask around your community to find a reliable professional. They can help you achieve your ideal vision of a modern, stylish, and functional bathroom.

Call your trusted home remodeling contractor today, and start building the bathroom of your dreams!

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