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FAQ: Kitchen Backsplash Options For Remodeling

FAQ: Kitchen Backsplash Options For Remodeling

Kitchen Geometric Backsplash

Let’s face it – between breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all of those midnight snacks you don’t admit to – you spend a lot of time in your kitchen. Whether preparing, reheating or sneaking food, your kitchen space is vital to the overall flow and aesthetic of your home. However, between courses of mac and cheese, many people overlook the importance of one culinary staple – your kitchen backsplash.

Primarily featured on the wall area between the top of your counters and the bottom of your upper cabinets, backsplash helps add texture and personality to your cooking space. But with seemingly endless options to choose from, how do you know which type is right for your home?

Some of the most popular and proven backsplashes include:

Most homes in the Kansas City area proudly feature classic backsplashes. These works of art are made up of square or rectangle tiles, often in neutral shades to help blend in with surrounding storage and hardware. The chic feel of this style is perfect for both traditional homes, as well contemporary abodes.


An up-and-coming trend, wooden backsplashes give your space a defined texture, as well as unique coloring that can only come from nature. Customizable and easy to install, this rustic touch is ideal for homes with warm, cabin tones.


Emerging in modern homes all over the Midwest, geometric backsplashes give contemporary kitchens a brilliant pop of accented detail, without overpowering the entire space. Choose from a pre-made pattern to give your kitchen a cutting-edge atmosphere, or even make your own to show off your personal style.

Your kitchen backsplash pulls together your entire culinary space. Whether you opt for a traditional set of tiles or go bold with wood, the materials, patterns, and colors you pick will help to create a space you will love, even while secretly eating ice cream by the spoonful at 3am.

To learn more about your kitchen backsplash options, visit Total Home Remodeling today.

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