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Kansas City Remodeling Projects with Big Impact

Kansas City Remodeling Projects with Big Impact


We get it – sometimes you just don’t have the time to complete a major home renovation. However, that doesn’t mean you should have to settle for keeping your property exactly the way it is. With smaller remodeling projects, you can make a big impact on your home in just a short time. 

Four smaller renovation projects that give your home huge style include:

Living Room Lighting

Enhance the boring standard lighting your living room already has by adding a handful of accent pieces around the space. Choose from floor lamps with incredible detail for a project that can be completed in an afternoon, or even pick a more intricate chandelier that brings priceless elegance. No matter the direction you go, new living room lighting will add a unique atmosphere that you can enjoy all year round.

Decorative Deck Railing

Sure, typical wood railing gets the job done, but you can bring your deck to the next level with decorative metal rails. These metal rails add sophistication to any backyard BBQ, while still acting as the safety feature you need them to be. Plus, metal deck rails are easily installed, and often offer more visibility through them than standard wood.

Interior Barn Door

Turn your run-of-the-mill home into a rustic masterpiece with an interior barn door. Commonly used for laundry rooms, an interior barn door slides to open, giving new texture and dimensions to your home. Not to mention, it makes doing laundry a lot more fun.

Front Door Paint

If you only have an hour or two, consider painting your front door a new color. While minor, this will give the entire front of your home a makeover. Choose a neutral shade for more rustic homes, or bright colors like red or blue for contemporary. This new shade is easy to apply, and instantly adds curb appeal to your property. 

Making a big impact on your home does not have to come only after weeks of intense remodeling. Choose one of the smaller projects above, and you can enjoy the benefits of a revived space instantly. To learn more, visit Total Home KC today.

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