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Kansas City Remodeling for In-Home Libraries

Kansas City Remodeling for In-Home Libraries


Remodeling your home is exciting – especially when you are transforming rooms into completely new spaces. One of the most popular room renovations is turning an empty bedroom, corner of a living room, or even basement into a personal home library. Both gorgeous and functional, home libraries can be valuable additions to any property. Plus, they give you priceless bragging rights the next time guests visit.

Three elements to keep in mind when designing your home library include:

Built-In Shelving

The cornerstone of any home library is its shelving. While, sure, you can simply set bookcases up, nothing is quite as stunning or practical as built-in shelving. By opening up your wall and building shelves inside, you create an artistic look while saving precious floor space. This shelving can be customized to fit your tastes with specific wood types, metals, paint colors, or even intricate detailing.

Strategic Lighting

Another important factor to consider when planning your home library is the lighting. Create a cozy space by opting for lamps with rustic tones, or even makeover the space into a modern work of art with bold fixtures. If you opt for standard lights, just remember to plan your recessed lighting strategically to minimize any shadow spots and to make spending hours reading comfortable.

Unique Seating

Whether you like to curl up with a book or sit at a desk, plan seating that fits your needs. One great way to incorporate thoughtful seating into your library is by building a window seat. These can be personalized to fit your room, lounging preferences, and more. Not to mention, window seats can be outfitted with hidden storage or even adjustable lamps. 

Whether you are a bookworm who has always dreamed of having a library in your house or you simply want to spruce up your home office, the experts at Total Home KC can help you design and build a beautiful, practical space. To learn more or to get started on your next home renovation, contact Total Home KC today.

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