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Kansas City Mud Room Remodel Inspiration

Kansas City Mud Room Remodel Inspiration


With the kids finally back in school, there is a good chance your mud room has fallen back into its old state of chaos. From backpacks haphazardly tossed on the floor to shoes kicked behind doors to coats wadded up in the corner, the rush of school days can be overwhelming when it comes to organization. However, keeping your mud room organized and beautiful is simple with just a few minor renovations. 

Three ways to add organization, style, and value to your mud room include:

Creative Cubbies

In-wall cubbies give your kids a place to keep their things without making your home feel like a locker room. Plus, these trending storage spaces can be customized to fit your unique needs and tastes. Whether you want an open design or would rather hide the chaos behind individual doors, each cubby can even be outfitted with a rack for shoes. Mud room cubbies allow for everything to have a proper home, that way there is no excuse for messes.

Strategic Hooks

While it can be tempting to just pile everyone’s coats on top of one another in a rush into the house, this leads to problems when you are next trying to head out. Eliminate this stress by installing coat hooks for every family member along the wall by your door. This will give each person a place to hang their coat so that it can easily be found without having to toss through the pile. Plus, it will give an extra sense of polish to your space.

Durable Vinyl Flooring

It’s called a mud room for a reason – no other room in your home gets quite as much dirt from outside brought in it since it gets the most traffic. When you opt for vinyl flooring during your remodel, not only will your room look great, but it will also be easy to clean and maintain for a lifetime. Choose from styles that look like hardwood, or even pick a bold color and pattern that pops.

Your mud room is the first and last place you see every time you come and go, so make sure it is both beautiful and enjoyable. Whether you opt for one or all of these remodeling projects for your Kansas City mud room, you will help bring a bigger sense of calm to your home between school, piano lessons, soccer practice, and everything else packing your schedule. To learn more or to start your mud room remodel, visit Total Home KC today.

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