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Kansas City Living Room Remodeling Essentials 

Kansas City Living Room Remodeling Essentials 


When it comes to remodeling your home, sometimes the best place to start is your living room. Also known to many as a family room, this multi-purpose area is the central location for shared time within your home. Due to its popularity and that it is often one of the larger spaces in your house, making your living room remodel a priority will help to refresh your entire property.

Living Room Remodeling Essentials: Three Elements You Need to Know About

Three essential elements to include in the design of your Kansas City living room remodel include:

Strategic Storage

Having a place to put all of your stuff is important – but having a place that is both beautiful and functional is a living room dream come true. Incorporate strategic storage into your living room through practical elements that also look great like built-in bookcases or even open shelving. By making these pieces a part of your remodel, you will help foster organization moving forward once your project is complete.

Open Floor Plan

Make your living room feel bigger by choosing an open floor plan for your remodel. Break down barriers between the room and other areas of your home – like the kitchen – and experience instant increased value. By removing unnecessary walls, you will gain the illusion of more square footage, as well as bring new possibilities for furniture placement into your home. Plus, an open floor plan allows more chances for sharing time with your family since there will be fewer obstacles between rooms.

Thoughtful Color

When selecting paint for your living room, go for neutral colors. Shades like white, gray, or even beige are perfect for making the room feel larger and more open. By having neutral walls in your remodel, you also allow yourself the luxury of a blank slate that you can change simply (and cheaply) with the seasons through accent colors on pillows, lamps, and other finishing touches.

To learn more about family room design essentials, or to get started on your remodel, visit Total Home KC today. Our experts will help create a plan that works for your home and budget, all while helping you elevate your home.

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