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3 Kansas City Front Door Replacement Options

3 Kansas City Front Door Replacement Options

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One way to completely transform the exterior of your home is to replace your front door. It’s the first thing many people notice about your property, and it says a lot about the family living inside.

Give a great impression – and make all of your neighbors jealous – by replacing your old door with a new style. Three of the most popular front door options available include:

Solid Door

The most traditional style is called solid doors. They’re made from wood or composite and are a great option for your Kansas City home. Solid front doors provide classic style and can be customized with endless engraved design and size options.

Glass Panel Door

Front doors with a glass panel are another beautiful option for your home. They’re often made up of one or more sheets of glass inside of a solid wood border. The glass panels help to open up your home while giving natural light to your entryway. They can be either clear or frosted, which is popular for a sense of privacy and can be crafted into a wide range of different designs.

Storm Door

Since they’re thinner and lighter than standard solid or glass panel styles, storm doors are often a secondary element used in conjunction with another front door. Front storm doors allow you to open up a primary front door for some sunshine or different ambiance, while still giving extra security you need.

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Add extra personality to your new front door by customizing it with a wide range of colors and hardware. Boldly painted front doors like red and green are a current trend, while brass hardware will give your home a rustic, cozy atmosphere. To get started replacing your front door in Kansas City, visit Total Home KC today.

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