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Kansas City Deck Renovations

Kansas City Deck Renovations


Whether a single-story structure or a more complex design, nothing is more enjoyable than spending a day with the family outside on your deck. With just a few precious weeks of summer left, it is time to make the most of it out on your deck. This summer, add value, function, and style to your Kansas City home with a deck renovation. 

Three easy ways to enhance your deck in the final weeks of summer include:

Make Your Outdoor Space Awesome with These Kansas City Deck Renovations

Screened-In Areas

When you choose to include a screen on your deck or even just a small part of it, you add immense value to your home. A screened-in deck brings a little bit of the indoors outside while opening up new opportunities for enjoying your deck when there is rain in the forecast, or simply too many bugs for your liking. Customizable and adjustable, screened-in decks allow for unmatched comfort.

Outdoor Dining

Food makes every summer night spent outside with the family more enjoyable. Enhance your deck experience by incorporating dining furniture into your design. Whether you simply add a table and chairs, or handcraft a wooden bench out of matching leftover deck boards, adding a dining area on your deck will give your family a functional space as well as the chance to spend more time together while chowing down on dinner from the outdoor kitchen, or s’mores from the fire pit.

Deck Accessories

Sometimes the additions that make the biggest impact on your deck are the smallest – like new railing and lighting. Customizable deck rails add refreshed life to your structure instantly, while strategic lighting helps keep your deck functional well after the fireflies emerge. Plus, both railing and lighting accessories increase the safety of your deck exponentially and can be installed quickly.

Renovating your Kansas City decking this summer is easy when you partner with Total Home KC. Our experts can help you repair or replace your deck, as well as give it the finishing touches it needs to be your go-to destination the rest of the season – and for years to come. To learn more, contact Total Home KC today.


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