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Kansas City Bathroom Remodel Inspiration

Kansas City Bathroom Remodel Inspiration


Although one of the smaller rooms in your home, your bathroom has a big impact on your entire house. Make the impact impressive by remodeling your current space into a modern work of art. Whether you plan on ripping out every last wall or simply want an easier change, there is a renovation project perfect for adding style and value to your home.

Three elements to consider incorporating in your Kansas City bath remodel include:

Marble Accents

A trending style for 2020, marble accents are a great way to add dimension and character to your bathroom. Whether as actual stone countertops around your sink, walls in your shower, or even other small marble accessories like toothbrush holders, this unique pattern is a beautiful way to liven up your bathroom. Plus, this elegant design element will be a long-standing style staple you can enjoy for years to come.

Single Color Wash

A bold way to change up your bathroom is to include a single color wash in the space. Instead of using different shades to paint your cabinets, walls, and trim, the trend of a single wash means that all of those elements are the same hue. This packs a powerful punch and is admired by many of the world’s top designers. Whether a neutral gray, calming blue, or a more intense green, the shade you pick will determine the overall personality of this easy change.

Dark Hardware

Swapping your stainless steel hardware for darker pieces will bring elevated levels of luxury to your bathroom. These dark elements, like those finished in brushed bronze or matte black, add a refined, sophisticated look to your space. Plus, they look great in both rustic and contemporary Kansas City homes. This switch is relatively inexpensive, and can even be completed in a single afternoon.

Make renovating your bathroom easy with the help of Kansas City’s leading remodeling experts at Total Home KC. Our team will work with you to create your dream bathroom, taking into consideration local trends, like the ones mentioned above, and your personal tastes. To learn more or to get started remodeling your bathroom, visit or contact Total Home KC today.


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